George Gritzback Releases New Album “Full Circle”

Americana music is a strong staple in America and in Nashville TN. We have thousands of artists who appear yearly on Broadway in downtown Nashville.

“Full Circle” is the sixth studio album for Gritzbach and showcases a wide range of writing talents. You’ll hear roots to blues, rhythm, and blues, and a rocking upbeat tune with nice brass and guitars on “All About Now.”

I could hear the soul in the vocals and my feet kept tapping the floor. Very nice and bright, clear and sharp tones and tight rhythm throughout. Harmonies are super bright.

The Boston Globe called Gritzbach a “sizzling hot, no-holds barred bluesman.”

Gritzback is a true talent. His gift comes from deep within and is as natural as the flowing water and falling rain. It’s not forced or altered. He’s the real deal.

This artist presents with a healthy dose of classics and gives us a smooth, jumping mix of blues, roots, and R&B with “All About Now.” The brass section is super hot and blends so smoothly with the sexy guitar and percussion section.

“I have respected George Gritzbach for a long time. He is a keep-the-faith artist with an honest, no-frills voice that sounds equally at home on blues, soul and funk, as his new “Full Circle” album suggests. George can be playful and rock with a Friday night, just-got-paid frenzy, but also has a serious streak, as heard in the affecting message song, “One Race, Many Faces,” where he urges “color-blind human kindness.” His band is top-notch and he also assembles some great guest musicians such as harmonica ace Jerry Portnoy, who has toured with Eric Clapton. A fine effort all around for the Cape Cod-based Gritzbach, whose devotion to his craft continues.”
 — Steve Morse, former staff music critic for the Boston Globe for 28 years who now teach Rock History at Berklee College of Music.

“Never Far Away” opens with a Broadway flavor of brass and organ sounds. Takes me back to the 70’s actually. Pure, heartfelt music and an easy listening display of musical art and vocals. This is truly a must-listen.

The Washington Post called Gritzbach an “exceptional songwriter” and described a recent CD “as good and surprising as he is in person, with wonderful original material and knock-out slide guitar work.”

“Roots, Rhythm_Blues” opens with grooving rock guitar and drums and hot splash blues vocals. The beat picks up and your feet go to tapping and just won’t stop. Wow, love it! I must be honest, this one gave me chills. Good chills.

Full Circle by George Gritzbach is a fine example of using the blues to travel in other musical directions. George and the band are perfectly happy to perform stripped-back blues, but also develop heavy soul sections or move into more beat-driven, roots tracks. This helps provide a mix of ideas and keep the record from ever going stale. ~Vinyl Chapters~

I must give credit where credit is highly due to the amazingly talented rhythm section featuring Scott Lariviere on bass and backing vocals and the super talented keyboard player Johnny Menezes. Christian McCarthy on drums, percussion and backing vocals, with Peter Murray rounding it out on sax.

This collection of all originals by George Gritzback is one of the best I’ve heard all year. It’s a must to add to your collection.

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