When I’m Gone (For George Michael) A Tribute by Rob Alexander

Written for and on the same day that iconic pop artist George Michael passed away, this newest release “When I’m Gone” by Rob Alexander is mesmerizing. His vocals are smooth and deeply mellow.

I must say it wasn’t what I had at first expected. I saw his photo first and then began to listen to the song. The voice was far from what I thought I would hear. His vocals have deep substance and texture that lends to him a unique and distinct resonance all his own.

Released on August 7th of 2019 the song have received exceptional reviews. This is the fifth single released from the album “Long Road Coming Home” that was originally released in February of 2018.

There is a streak of sadness running through this song, it is true, but “When I’m Gone”, in the end, is cathartic and healing. It also a glittering example of Alexander’s musical and songwriting talents representative of his album as a whole. ~Mindy McCall~ Indie Pulse Music

Emotional and moving the lyrics express the feelings of the loss of such an iconic artist as George Micheal and of the profound effect it had on

Alexanders alter ego is a physician anesthesiologist though he has been writing songs most of his adult life. Just recently he made the decision to go into the recording studio and lay down the tracks of his most recent work.

His vocals have been described as a mixture of Neil Diamond and Elton John, and his work is filled with hypnotizing melodies and thought catching hooks. He pulls from raw and sincere emotions, that is apparent in the sound and texture of the vocals. You can hear it and feel the emotion in every word.

Some might say the song is just as much about Alexander as it is about George Michael because you can sense and feel that the singer/songwriter is pulling from a deep-rooted passion and place of healing.

Alexander is working closely with Gabe Lopez, LA producer known for his work with Belinda Carlisle, Boyz II Men, and New Kids On The Block. This current album has 5 singles, all receiving high praise from music critics and “When I’m Gone” is one of the five. This work or musical artistry will take you on a musical roller coaster of a ride of calm and soothing heartbeats to an emotional intensity that exudes feelings of soulful harmony. Divine work.

This new collaboration includes the talents of current members of Elton John’s and former members who worked with the great Frankie Valli.

Rob’s style has been described as a classic adult contemporary with a specific focus on the melody. Artists performing on this musical creation are Gabe Lopez on keyboards, bass, guitars, drums, and percussion. Robbie Angelici on acoustic and electric guitars, Kevin Taylor with acoustic and electric guitars, you’ll find Rick Keller with saxophone and Brian Brigham sharing backup vocals.

This album and single place nicely in the styles of soft rock, pop, classic adult contemporary and are likened to artists such as Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, and Elton John.

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