Sensational Soprano Artist Monique Angele Releases “Alive” To Outstanding Reviews

Monique Angele has toured several countries promoting and sharing her talent and love of music. She has toured throughout the United States, Canada, London and England. Her starling soprano voice is exquisite and the high notes are mind blowing.

“Alive” is a collection of six beautifully written and performed songs that definitely showcase her angelic voice and her talent with the piano.

Monique is a new emerging artist from Canada who currently resides in Australia. Her music could be best described as pop with a classical essence that presents a gifted talent with piano and exceptional range and presentation of dynamic vocals. Her experience with performances in musical theater, the opera and solo piano performances enhance her stage presence while performing her own beautifully written music.

Her songs include a wide range of instrumental solo’s to a dazzling performance of confident and solid vocals. Her ability to bring you in to the song on various topics such as anger, seduction, heartbreak, love and lighthearted arrangements is truly noteworthy.

“I was inspired to release this album because I wanted to create something that pushed the boundaries in regards to songwriting, production and subject matter. I believe each song dives into the raw emotions and passions of what it feels like to be “alive.” and shows to not be afraid to express oneself fully. The songs range from ethereal bliss, political change, depression and love.” – Monique Angele

There is an elegance about the collection. The infusion of strings, piano, and the almost ethereal vibe present within the music is tasteful and polished.

I enjoyed all the songs but one in particular was “I Want A World.” It is a warm melody that presents inviting lyrics to inspire us to be more socially aware of the world around us and what we need to continue on as a human race. Things like peace, love and joining together to erase hate and negativity. I enjoyed the accompaniment of drums, electric guitar and the violin.

Hold On” has a haunting melody that stays with you. The vocals were rich and filled with depth. I also enjoyed “Forever Strong” as it was welcoming with the delicate piano notes, her voice was smooth and balanced. The musicians performing on the EP with Monique add to her essence and talent and bring the entire collection together nicely.

This new album, “Alive” demands your attention and you’ll be glad you gave it a moment of pause. It is striking, full of seducing lyrical and instrumental tones. This album is set for release on August 25th and I’m sure it will garner even more welcoming reviews.

This album presents in the style of Alternative, pop, classical and smooth soul. Monique has been likened to artists such as Tori Amos, Evanescence, Queen, and Kate Bush. All songs on this album wre written and performed by Monique Angele. Shawn Burgess performed on drums, Sarah Busuttil also performed on the album with the beautiful violin. Guitar, bass and other various instruments were presented by Sean O’Sullivan from Highway 9. Sullivan also produced and engineered/mixed the album. Joe Carra from Crystal Mastering added his phenomenal mastering skills to the mix.

Her next release will be a wonderful collection called “Answer” and it is set for release later this year. This album features a great mix up of classical and soulful elements with a splash of modern pop in the mix. It embellishes on the day to day events we all face such as hope, love, self reflection, human rights and more. Check back with us for future follow ups with Monique Angele.

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