The group Lawrence releases EP “Breakfast”

Lawrence courtesy of The Syndicate
Lawrence courtesy of The Syndicate
Lawrence courtesy of The Syndicate

Young artists Clyde and Gracie Lawrence are already a pop sensation and they don’t even know it. Humble and gracious these two have a bright future in the music industry.

Their love of music began from the time they took their first steps. Music was always part of their daily routine. From the first thing at breakfast in the morning with family… to the evening dinner. Their dad was a musician and their mom a dancer which is probably where the passion and love of music came from, so it only makes sense to see these two sharing all those natural born talents.

Promoting their debut album “Breakfast” with a performance in Music City USA, Nashville TN on July 28th at The High Watt fans will be able to meet and greet personally and have a front row seat for a night filled with rich and inviting lyrics and music. Together their harmonies are warm and powerful on a canvas of intoxicating piano and a blast of horns. The design and texture of their music is habit forming.

The unique title of the album “Breakfast” came from early mornings filled with lots of music and family gathers and since Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it’s their first/debut album the title fit like a glove. Both Clyde and Gracie agreed that the title has a good vibe and it feels fresh and easy going.

Lawrence courtesy of The Syndicate
Lawrence courtesy of The Syndicate

Clyde is a professional not only in the current music industry but he has been composing music for many years. He was admitted to the Songwriters Guild of America at the young age of six for his work on Miss Congeniality. He wrote his own version of a beauty pageant song, “Miss United States”. He has composed many songs through out his lifetime of playing music. His songs and scores have graced such films as, Hard Sell just this year, The Rewrite in 2015, Music and Lyrics in 2007.

Gracie is a young, beautiful, vocally distinctive singer who is also an accomplished actress. She has appeared on in several films, on Broadway, and in several TV show’s. Credits to her in movies are Did you Hear About The Morgans (2009) and The Sitter (2011). Her television appearances on The Good Wife in 2012 and The Americans in 2014 are impressive as is her performance on Broadway in Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon.

For your enjoyment you can catch the following video featuring Lawrence, Clyde and Gracie Lawrence. This is from their video “Misty Morning”. Your feet will start tapping and your head will be bopping.

Link for video:

Clyde and Gracie wanted to share with young artists just coming in the business that they should,

“build your skills, have a clear vision, push full steam ahead and keep strong with good support systems. We ourselves want to give our fans something that will blow them away, wow them. Strive for that.” ~Clyde and Gracie Lawrence, 2016~

You can also catch Clyde and Gracie Lawrence at their following websites to find out about ticket information, show dates and where you can purchase their music.

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