Singer Songwriter Spotlight with Priscilla Renea and Her New Album “Coloured” Featuring Video of Singles “Heavenly” and “Gentle Hands”

Priscilla Renea singer/songwriter,is a huge part of the music industry with her long list of number one songs and now she takes the leap to furthering her career with her own new album. She will be performing here in Nashville at the Basement on May 11th and May 16th to introduce her new album called “Coloured” which is set for release on June 22nd.  “Coloured” is a bright splash of deep fried country, a dash of pop and some urban richness. 

Renea is simply phenomenal. She has either written or co-written some of the most popular songs on the charts today.

I’m sure if your a devoted music fan with a love of various styles and genre’s, then you’ve heard songs like “Timber” with Pitbull and Kesha, “Something Bad” recorded by Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, and “Worth It” with Fifth Harmony. Other major artists on that list include, Demi Lovato, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and one of my own all time favorites, Mary J. Blige. These are only a small hint at the huge writing credits this young woman has.

Her singing career actually began as a young child and then evolved as she grew in a young teen and young adult. She began making her own videos on YouTube and garnered a nice following with over 30,000 subscribers in a short time. It earned her a spot to participate in MTV’s Say What? Karaoke.

Her songwriting ability is a natural born gift. You can see in her expressions that it flows just as easily as breathing. True talent such as this is a pure expression of the soul.

Renea has worked with some of the industries most sought after artists, and through the years has, herself, become a huge staple in the fabric of the music industry. When asked if there was someone she had not yet had the opportunity to work with she said she would love to work with Elton John, Bruno Mars, Adele, John Meyer and especially Beyonce’. She would like the opportunity to work with Beyonce’ on a real level together, not just by her picking up a song that Priscilla has written but something together as co-writers/artists. Priscilla also said she would like to work with artists that truly challenge her to go that next step up with her gifts.

The ease and flow of her performances show that she is a natural…..she was born to do what she does. Her advice to other young people who have desires to work in the music industry are for them to never let anyone crush their dreams. That they should be strong of character and keep a stable foundation. She was once told that “your gift gets you in the door but your character keeps you there”…great advice. She also said that if your going to work in this business you must be willing to give more of yourself and work hard, don’t cheat yourself.

Her outlook for the rest of this year is to have more opportunities to step it up a notch. Bring new sounds and concepts to the platform. Some songs have what’s called a half life and they may not make a big splash at first but there are some songs out there that have a more that a half life in them by putting that cutting edge twist on a classic and resuscitating it.


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