Innovative and Eclectic artist Sarah Schonert releases “My Unwinding State”

Sarah Schonert cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Sarah Schonert cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Sarah Schonert cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Sarah is definitely unique. Her style is eclectic/electronic with a touch of classical new age. I would say she has extended the boundaries of time and space and created a mystical element of expression, not only to the instrumentation but to the lyrics and vocals.

The sounds of classical piano and the gift of a vocal virtuoso is what you’ll find here with this collection. I loved the ambient pallet and the electronic balance of each note and tone.

The layering of the vocals is genius. Her voice is exquisitely unique and recognizable. You would not mistake anyone else for Sarah. Her recent performance and win at the 2016 Women In Charg3 Music Awards for best album recognizes her accomplishments and her diversity of use with electronic and experimental instrumentation.

Schonert is a singer/songwriter from the Peoria, Illinois area who uses various combinations of ambient ebb and flow woven with a texture of layered vocals, exquisite classical piano and electronic/synth vibrations. While she is equally skilled with multiple instruments, her versatility with the old fashioned accompaniments of vintage instruments blended with the new age concepts…

This is a lengthy collection with 16 tracks separated into 2 sections. Some are heavy with strong lead in with piano and some are projected to the highest level with electronic splashes of synths and keyboards.

The entire album takes me back to warm, late summer, of the evenings as the sun sets behind the trees and the light breaks through with gentle wisps of floating light. The broken quotes, remnants of verse and thoughts make up such a unique take on the vision created in each song.

Sarah Schonert courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Sarah Schonert courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“May I” is empathetic, and bold, breaking barriers and bringing the listener in to the emotions. The use of ethereal synth sounds, layering on the vocals with hints of organic electronic tones is exceptional.

This album is extra dimensional, organic, and timeless.

“Break Me Down” presents us with another great mix. It is embellished with a special recipe of singing and speaking along with the vocals layering to create a distinctive and warm texture.

“We Were Something” almost comes across with a dark and mysterious intense feeling. It lends a air of subtle majesty that sets it apart from the others.

“Shadows Don’t Listen” Eerie, almost new age beginning. Then the piano breaks and is simple yet elegant. This I would envision, just the music not the vocals, as part of a prayer ritual. The vocals seem out of place on this one. The layering of the vocals does give it a fullness but distracts from the instrumentation.

The arrangement and over all production of the album is on target for this genre. Richly done. Even though it would not fall in to my taste in music it is an exceptional collection of extreme talent. Sarah Schonert is a musical genius and I can see this collection being sought after by theater and movie executives.

Sarah Schonert courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Sarah Schonert courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The album was produced and mastered in Peoria IL at the Sarah Schonert Music Studio. Additional credit is given to Brett David for lyrics on “We Were Something.”

All of Sarah’s work is recorded, produced and also written in her home studio. She has over 25 years of piano and vocal experience began writing and recording her own work in 1012. This is Schonerts fourth album featuring the piano as the heart of the collection and mesmerizing splashes of electronic enhancements.

For more information on Sarah you can visit the following sites: Enjoy…………..


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