J-Anthony releases “It’s Official”

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Funk and rock with a great mix of pop sounds shout out at you from this grooving collection of work by J-Anthony. “It’s official” is for sure official. It’s officially a winner.

Brought to you from Toledo, Ohio’s pop/rock funk-a-delic soul man J-Anthony and ready for your enjoyment. The mix is tight and the percussion’s are on target. Love the deep groove of the bass and the raw guitar. Brings you in the mood for a jumping party.

“It’s Official” is a testament to the fact that true love does exist. He found her and in his eye’s she sublime. Her smile, her walk, the way she carries herself flawlessly as she makes her grand entrance.

J-Anthony is a singer songwriter who enjoys mixing the sounds rock, funk and pop so that the outcome is something so unique that folks of all ages and diversities will find something that calls to them. J-Anthony was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio in the midst of a happily musical family with deep roots in their faith and church. He received a scholarship to run track after excelling at sports but during his last year in college he decided to pursue a career in music. While working on that career he held a job as a high school principal.

Shortly after this he started a cover band and went on to win the best band in the city award with great success. Currently he is writing his own music, bringing together some of the finest musicians he can to pursue a grand adventure making music for people to enjoy.

You can enjoy the video here

that was shot by Hogue and watch as he finds the true love of his life who warms him up with a smile that’s dynamite. She’s the right one. This song allows you to use your imagination and feel optimistic about finding the love of your life.

Vocally J-Anthony has it all. His vocals could easily cross genres and his music has already garnered mass followings. His vocal style is comparative to Lenny Kravitz but J-Anthony stands on his own with his view of life’s wonders in love and happiness.

“It’s Official” is now officially one of the hottest new funk, pop, rock songs of 2017 and sure to place him on the chart watch lists.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

J-Anthony has toured around the world to Kenya, the Ukranine, Nigeria, and Mexico City in his quest to share this unique and mesmerizing collection of soul winning music. I say soul winning because once you listen you will realize how it wakes up your soul, makes your body want to move and revives you with a new found warm feeling that runs throughout your body. I assure you….you won’t be able to sit still.

Instrumentally the song is high energy, the lead guitar is always on target and hot. The percussion and bass are full, heavy hitting and hold the song together like molasses.

Members of the group bringing you this hip rocking pure funk music are J-Anthony with vocals and keys, Devin Krueger on lead guitar, Will Schuler on drums, and Bryon Harris thumping out on bass and keys. This album was produced by Travis Geiman of Bigfoot Studios.

The groove is refreshing, clean and full of energy. While some may say it’s just like others we’ve heard before it truly isn’t. His bluesy yet funky expression of the music he loves is unique to just J-Anthony.

Please visit J-Anthony at the following website for more information. Your gonna love it.



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