Randy Edelman: Out & About in Nashville Meets Longtime Music Hero Ray Stevens With BMI Icon Del Bryant:  Royalty Meets Royalty Meets Royalty 

The living embodiment of passion, dedication, and perseverance, his music timeless and timely, challenging the status quo and accepting no limitations…..an icon himself Composer Randy Edelman, during a recent trip to Nashville in preparation to receive the “Legendary Songwriter’s Award” met his own musical hero Ray Stevens with former BMI President and friend Del Bryant. 

Ray Stevens is widely recognized for his Grammy winning songs “Everything is Beautiful” and “Misty”, and his pop hits and novelty songs “The Streak”, “ Gitarzan”, “Ahab the  Arab”, and one of Edelman’s favorites “Mr. Businessman.” Stevens has recorded over 50 albums, is an inductee of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Christian Music Hall of Fame, and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. He is admired and adored for his unique contributions to the music industry, rising above the ordinary and leaving an indelible mark in songwriting history.  He owns and performs live at CabaRay in Nashville, which is where Del Bryant invited Randy to meet his longtime music hero. 

Del Bryant is the former President of Broadcast Music, Inc (BMI) and is the Holy Grail responsible for leading the company into a premium global music rights management position for the benefit of songwriters, composers, publishers, and licensees. His exuberant musical background might be credited in part to his legendary parents, Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, who were among the first in Nashville to make a full-time career out of songwriting, supplying the Everly Brothers with material including “Bye, Bye Love.” With his vision and music sensibility Del captured the role as the beacon of light guiding the BMI organization upwards towards a better future.

Multi-award winning composer Randy Edelman is one of the giants of the music industry having written the soundtracks for over 100 films and television shows (My Cousin Vinny, Gettysburg, Ghostbusters ll, Kindergarten Cop, Last of the Mohicans, MacGyver, NASA, ESPN, the Olympics). His songs have also been covered by some of the most prestigious artists on the planet including Barry Manilow (A Weekend in New England), The Carpenters (You), Patti LaBelle and Nelly (Isn’t it a Shame), Olivia Newton-John, Willie Nelson, Dionne Warwick, Kool & the Gang and many more. Randy has that elusive sensibility to create those ethereal notes from the unseen and mold them into a tangible form, giving voice to our deepest emotions and translating them into melodies that resonate within us. He lives his life as a symphony in the translucent fringe of the opening movement.

All three visionaries are trailblazers who charted new territories, inspired others and touched mankind. All three of them knowing that music loves us unconditionally. Led backstage to meet his idol and then to a VIP table of grace, Randy enjoyed the show knowing that his hero was everything he hoped he would be….

“Music is an emotional pipeline; it makes the dust piles of life seam less drab. Music, touches, and connects everybody, it allows a person to comprehend that they feel the same joy, hopes, fears and desires as all people.” “Without music, how would anyone muster the courage to endure the great sorrows of life and patience to tolerate the minor irritant. Music gives flight to the imagination and bequeaths, charm and gaiety to life.”…..Kilroy J. Oldster

The official website for Randy Edelman may be found at https://www.randyedelman.com

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