May “Big Orange Guitar” Remain in Your Playlists!

The Gretsch 6120 is a classic American guitar. Played by legends such as Brian Setzer, Chet Atkins, and Randy Bachman, it is known for its versatility. Ranging in sounds from rock to jazz, it has been a staple of all varieties of American music. This made it a perfect symbol for Brickwall Jackson’s new album “Big Orange Guitar”. Released March 22, 2024, this album released with the help of Spectra Music Group shows the musical skills of Johnny Hudak, Rod Hicks, Andy Melchert, and Sam Nixon. Together they have created an album that embraces the musical heritage and tradition of America.

Hearing the first two tracks of the album “Big Orange Guitar” and “Happy Ain’t Happy”, it seems apparent that this album is going to be a collection of timeless rockabilly tracks. However, once “Porch Swings” starts, it becomes clear that there is more to this band. The country and folk sound of the group starts to show through with this song, and further on the album that this influence has a profound impact on the group. The eighth song of the album “The Bricks” features powerful acoustic guitar, mandolin, marching drums, and affective organ and bass to support the ensemble. These songs also do an excellent job of subtly injecting their rocking sound into this different feel. It gives the group a very unique sound that is very appealing to listeners. 

Listening to this album, the only thing left to be desired is more of it. Stretching only 33 minutes, the group packs an impressive 10 songs in such a short amount of time. Each one has a different feel, yet adequately displays the creative and musical skills of the group. Catchy melodies and impressive parts draws in the attention of the audience and keeps them engaged and entertained. The album has a great sound, featuring great guitar tones, and crisp, clear vocals. 

“Big Orange Guitar” is now available on all streaming platforms. Fans of classic American music should certainly go listen as soon as possible. They should also go check out Brickwall Jackson’s past three albums, “Just Life”, “Beautiful Mystery”, and “Stickin’ to It”. For more information on Brickwall Jackson, their website is available at Here you can find merchandise, videos, and more.

Reviewed by Noah Rozzell

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