Jess Wayne releases “Ride The River”

Ride The River cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Ride The River cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Ride The River cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Jess Wayne from Los Angeles is a molten hot concoction of smooth jazz, contemporary folk, and cool blues that bring out the Americana “storytelling” of his new album “Ride The River.”

Upon first hearing the album you get a feel of solid mix in Americana music, there’s a warm and inviting mix of blues, jazz and folk, that interact within a storytelling scenario. His style would be similar to Neal Young, Van Morrison, and believe it or not possibly a little Willie Nelson.

This album vocally may not peak the interest of some young folks. Only if they have grown up on the love of true folk, true blues, and a deep love of jazz would they possibly find interest. It is like an expensive fine wine, it is an acquired taste. But it is a rich one. I love the articulation of the sounds and syllables of each word. So clear and precise with an intention….for you to get it, get the meaning. Strong lyrics, distinct and rich.

“Make It Up To You” reminds me of the early 80’s country/jazz era. Easy listening music at it’s best. It has the move groove with just a hint of blues. Makes you want to move to an easy dance move with a partner that can match your steps, step by step. Love the smooth, swaying vibe.

Jess Wayne courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jess Wayne courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Hold On” is exquisite with the soft hints of organ/keys. Grooving with a soulful funk feel and blending great accents of the lead and background vocals. Vocals are not too over the top and the background vocals have a nice mix.

As a whole, musically Jess Wayne presents his listeners with a smooth, cohesive collection of light rock, blues, and jazz to make up a deep and chart worth collection of old school retro Americana gold.

His outlaw appearance and soft demeanor give him that smooth talking, handsome gambler persona. His songs tell stories of real life experiences from a realistic expression that most everyone, who takes the time to really listen, will understand and relate to. He follows his own path and plays his music in his own way. Free to express and address.

Lyrically he addresses a life’s event in colorful, deep expression and what the outcome can be or might be if you face up to those undeniably real human situations. Even though he lives in a large city known for it’s outstandingly talented artists he has chosen to remain independent and doing things his own way. Not stained by big corporate high-handers who want to keep you under their thumbs and reap all the reward.

Jess Wayne courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jess Wayne courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“All I Can Do For Now” begs us to ponder what it’s all worth and why would we even keep going if we didn’t have someone to really love? The piano is rich and inviting. It accentuates the atmosphere of the song and the message.

This collection was produced by Douglas Jessop and John Matthew Rosenberg. Material was recorded, mixed and mastered by David Peters at Oak House Recording. Formed in Los Angeles in 2015 Jess touched base with three world-class players to inquire if they would be interested in a new musical endeavor. They enjoyed the material so much they decided it was good fit. Band members include: John Matthew Rosenberg piano, keys and vocals (Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Phil Collins), Jimmy Ledezma, percussion (Wild Colonials) and Jesse Holsapple, bass and backup vocals (Dale Okerman, Tiran Porter – “Doobie Brothers”).

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