Starry Sounds by Todd Warner Moore

Musically and lyrically Todd Warner Moore has a soft eclectic feel that takes you on a journey through genres such as folk, light country, soft pop, and Americana.

The first song I had the pleasure of hearing was “Noodles” and I must say it is perky, upbeat and full of sparkling folk attitude. It’s a cross between classic country, Americana jive, and folk happiness. His ability to blend various genre’s into lyrical and musical genius has allowed him to create his own genre in itself. It is eclectic and totally unique to him. When you hear his work for the first time you will immediately know it’s Todd Warner Moore from that point on. Exceptionally done.

“Starry Sounds” is a timeless collection presented by a folk troubadour storyteller whose words flow like silky honey. It paints a cinematic picture in every lyric of every song. The timeless texture of his songwriting is evergreen. It will live on for generations.

I love “Gift” as it is a just a sample of Todd’s diverse songwriting approach and presents a broad feel of his musical background. All the songs on the album share the same finesse.

What if these wishes

Intentions you send Still remain In some other plane?

What if they’re waiting

To greet you like rain

At that moment

You open again?

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Moore’s albums have deep pallets, the brush strokes of each song are filled with hints of Americana, Latin music, 70’s mellow vibes, a hint of a Gipsy nomad and 60’s psychedelic. In the past year alone he has written four albums.

In 2018 he released Lapis Lazuli, followed by “Spark” which we covered in Nashville Music Guide.

He then followed up with “Love and Change” in April of 2019 which we also had the distinct pleasure of presenting to our readers.

“In the Water” begins with a gently acoustic strumming and bass beat. The lyrics are summery and soothing. The harmonies are healing and feel warm and inviting.

It’s in the water

It’s in the ground Beneath our feet

Past the clouds

Around our hearts

Are the seeds

Of who we are.”

Credits listed on this album are:

Todd Warner Moore, vocals, acoustic guitar, and keyboards, Leah Hart, backup vocals and harmony,

Michael Kentish, backup vocals, Roberto Diana with electric guitar, nylon string guitar, mandolin, and banjo, William Stewart on violin and viola, Daniel Gonzalex with cello, Sashko Temelkoski with clarinet, Issar Schulman on double bass, and Larry Salzman with percussion.

This album was produced by Oliver Wagner and was mixed and mastered at SoundTheoryLab, in Taiwan.

Album cover credits go to Hamurabi Rubio. The album is in the styles of folk, Americana, light country, and eclectic indie music. Moore has been liked to artists such as Van Morrison, Andrew Bird, and Bob Dylan. Moore currently lives in Hong Kong where he is constantly writing and working on new music.

Press quote:

Whether it’s the pristinely produced acoustic guitar in Meet In The Middle, the sweet steel guitar in Ebb and Flow, the vibrant violin in Lapis Largo, the catchy clarinet in Starting Again or any other sonic high points throughout the album, Todd and his creative team present us with a wide range of musical styles which have been seamlessly woven into an uplifting tapestry of highly enjoyable art.~Joshua Smotherman, Indie Music Discovery~ (aka Middle Tennessee

If your looking for a great mix of various genre’s that blend together like starry nights and love songs, this album is for you. Actually all of the music by TWM is for you. His music crosses over several different genres and does so with great appeal.

For more information on Todd Warner Moore and his super amazing sound visit the links below. All media links and photos are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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