Dallas Moore Holds #1 Spot on Yallturnative Chart With “Crazy Again”

Dallas Moore isn’t by any means a new artist. He’s been writing, recording and performing his own brand of music for years. He’s become known for his high-energy stage shows and his deep love for fine Kentucky bourbon.

This year, the Dallas Moore Band has accomplished an amazing feat. The band recorded their first-ever music video with Jody Payne and the video has sat atop Yallwire.com’s Yallturnative music chart for 14 weeks and still counting. It’s also currently at #2 on Yallwire.com’s Top 100 and Country charts after holding the #1 spot for nine consecutive weeks.

Moore is enjoying the awesome ride, but he confesses that seeing his name on music charts above mainstream artists like George Strait is a sight he never thought he would see. The Dallas Moore Band is completely independent, just like they have been all along. Moore, who is always humble about his success, says it was a big accomplishment just to get the airplay.

There may not have been any way to predict just how huge the song would be, but he had an inkling that the song was special. “Seemed like it was a good hook,” Moore said, adding that people seem to gravitate to the song when he plays live. “I’ve noticed that’s the one everybody in the crowd knows.”

While the Dallas Moore Band is considered to be based out of Cincinnati, they travel all over the country. Moore said when they play New Year’s Eve this year, he will have played 306 shows, including acoustic sets he does without the full band. The band plays in Nashville about once a month. The band also has three dates scheduled next month at the Flora Bama Lounge in Pensacola, FL.

Moore is a songwriter, having written many of the songs he’s recorded over the years. On the new release, Moore wrote or co-wrote all 13 tracks. Moore is the first to admit he’s not the kind of songwriter that writes a song every day. “If I sit down and try to write something, I’m horrible at it,” he said. However, he says he gets lyrics in his head when riding his motorcycle. After a cross country ride,  he said he might write three or four tunes in one day.

The next single from the CD will be called “Blessed Be The Bad Ones.” He said the CD is his favorite thing they have ever done, and he’s partial to “Bessed Be The Bad Ones.”  Moore says it is almost like an epic anthem and it paints a good picture in your mind. “I think we will get a good video,” he said.

Moore said he’s remained independent by choice. “I’ve never really wanted to conform on anything,” he said. He said he wants to get the music out to as many people as he can, but he wants it to be true in its own form. He’s been able to reach a wide audience thanks largely to satellite radio. Moore said it’s so far reaching. “It’s what broke us out from being a regional band in the tri state,” he said. “It’s so good to have an outlet where our genre of music fits.” He said he is played on Willie’s Roadhouse and Outlaw Country, which he said were two of his favorite stations anyway.

The Dallas Moore band has had some great opportunities. One song that has really grown into an anthem and branded the band is a song called “Hank To Thank,” which was written by Danny Frazier. The Dallas Moore Band recorded the song live on the 61st Anniversary of Hank Williams, Sr. recording in Herzog Studios in Cincinnati.  Moore recalled that he was standing in the very spot where Hank recorded several hits like “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.”

“It was very emotional,” Moore said of the recording session. “I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. There was more spirits flowing than just our fine Kentucky bourbon.”

Moore said social media sites have opened so much up for the band and helped them connect with so many people. He said people who hit “like” on Facebook are hooked into a daily update. Unlike some bands who have someone post information on social media, Moore says he takes of his himself. Moore is on Facebook as Dallas Moore Band and on Twitter as @DallasMoore.

Moore recently celebrated his second anniversary of being married to his wife, Jenna. “She’s made everything in my life a lot better,” he said.

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