Story Teller and Singer/Songwriter Geoff Gibbons Presents “Buffalo Hotel”

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

His work is inviting and the messages shared within the lyrics will enrich your love of music no matter the genre. He is Geoff Gibbons and his latest release is “Buffalo Hotel”.

“Buffalo Hotel is a really great album!…We are both very impressed with the songcraft..Stylistically I hear Blue Rodeo and Lyle Lovett in Geoff’s music.” – Bob Reid & Blair Packham – In The Studio – Toronto

His phenomenal way of telling a story unfolds as each verse is like a page in a book. You’ll take a trip through the story of real life experiences with each listen.

In “Back To You” you’ll meet with a weary traveler worn down and searching for true love. This song delivers a special message with a solid Memphis style groove.

“Sepia-tinted panoramas and meticulous song craft…Geoff Gibbons delivers a rich collection of new songs with his new release Buffalo Hotel.” – Music Connection Magazine – Los Angeles

The amazing sounds and vibes you’ll get when you take in this album will stay with you. The harmonies are tight and well blended with a texture that intoxicates.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

In the early days during his teens Gibbons, who is originally from British Columbia, Canada, was intrigued by artists like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. In his early 20’s he won a local talent show contest and used the money from the award to head off for the coast of Australia where he performed for tourists along the seaside. He then returned to Vancouver where he teamed up with an old friend and formed a duo called Silverlode. He performed on tours with David Crosby, Levon Helm, and Emmylou Harris, to name a few.

“Vancouver singer/songwriter Geoff Gibbons has an excellent new body of work that really deserves to be heard. Buffalo Hotel is a twelve song collection of carefully crafted songs, reminiscent of Jackson Browne and even a little J.D. Souther.” – Cashbox Magazine – Toronto

Greatly influenced by seventies country rock, a visit to the home of musical greatness, Muscle Shoals Alabama, a visit to the Souths legendary home of country music, Nashville TN and the land of the blues, Memphis…. Geoff was not only “inspired” but as he put it… he was “altered”.. “It was like traveling to a musical Mecca.” Geoff Gibbons

Geoff said that the songs on this album are pretty much based on true stories, stories that needed to be told and what better way than to tell them in song. “Buffalo Hotel” is a collection of true life emotions, queries and wonders of the many worlds within the channels of our minds.

“As writers we have worlds inside of our brains and there’s always something we’ve not experienced. ‘What If I had done this? If I was there what would it feel like?’ There’s an element of that — like a lush dream that permeated my consciousness. This is who I am. I have always been true to music. I’d like to have this music come out and affect peoples’ lives; to haunt them in the best possible way.” Geoff Gibbons

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Gibbons accolades include 5 High Rotation National Videos with CMT. Concert openers with- Emmy-Lou Harris, David Crosby, and Levon Helm & Rick Danko. He also composed songs and the score for Lions Gates Films the “Wolf Moon”.

Currently he is promoting his album “Buffalo Hotel” it is in the genre of Americana, Folk, Alt Country, Southern Soul and he has been likened to artists such as Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, and our all time favorite The Eagles.

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