Shawna Virago Baring Her Soul Bold and Beautiful with “Heaven Sent Delinquent”

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

She’s a warrior for the outcasts and misunderstood. The outsiders who seek to find a place all their own. Her music is bold, sometimes aggressive but filled with truth and thought provoking messages. She is Shawna Virago folk-punk, singer songwriter from San Francisco, delivering a new work of musical art.

Vocally Virago imbues both the masculine and feminine side. Her deep sultry tones fill each song with mystery and the balance is solid. Her songs encourage everyone to embrace their uniqueness and not feel trapped but feel free no matter how different they are.

Virago is a warrior for the transgender communities. Known for her vibrant and dazzling lyrics that center on supporting the underdogs and gender rebels in a world filled with bigotry and narrow-mindedness. Her stage performances are powerfully mixed with folk, trans-Americana, and punk lyrics that describe a jubilant escape from daily challenges in an oppressive world. Since the early 90’s she has forged a path for talented artists like herself who seek to share real stories, real dreams, real fears and do it with a combination of folk punk/pop music that is sure to draw attention.

“Elegant, edgy and elegiac” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Heaven Sent Delinquent” is a vibrant collection of 10 acoustic storytelling songs. Each song details the real life or imagined escape by those who are of a different breed. Not afraid to express who they truly are in a society that might refuse to accept them. But Virago can no longer be denied. She is a pioneer in the music industry setting a precedence for more to come.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Musically and instrumentally her talents are masterful and the art of the lyrics is unmatched. With incredible storytelling she weaves the picture of each moment, each feeling, bringing each song to full life.

“Bright Ideas” was a stand out. It’s a fast punk acoustic, with a pop tone that catches your interest right off the bat. “Gender Armageddon” is aggressive and raw expressing the frustration and determination to break the barriers holding people back. “The Ballad of Miss Suzy Texas” is more of a country song with a mid-range tempo. “Heaven Sent Delinquent” is a huge personal testimony to breaking barriers and fighting for the chance to be who you truly are.

These are the stories of my generation – a generation of transgender people who came out long before the internet, before transgender celebrities and reality TV stars…..before anybody gave a shit about us.”~Shawna Virago, press release~

With steadfastness and determination Shawna has produced a hit making collection of songs that not only tug at your senses but will encourage you to think about others and the struggles so many face today.

Music from the heart and soul, this is a great mix. Based out of San Francisco and the artistic director of the infamous San Francisco’s Transgender Film Festival, she displays a magnificent set of singer-songwriter skills.

A strong and fully realized collection of songs that echo long after the album has finished playing.” –Antifolk

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Strong influences on her music like Billy Bragg, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Nick Cave can be seen in this super talented artists work, who transgender or not, is definitely one to watch.

Too many of us were runaways, survivors. But we never gave up. These songs are the stories of myself and my friends. How we managed to find each other in an unfriendly world, fought together, loved each other,” ~Virago, from press release~


This album was produced by Shawna Virago and recorded/engineered/mixed by Laura Dean and you can find all the exciting facts and news on Shawna at the following sites.

Twitter: @ShawnaVirago

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