15 Year Old Multi-Instrumentalist Sam Levin Presents “Frame of Mind”

Cover provided by Independent Music Promotions
Cover provided by Independent Music Promotions

Fresh, bright and immediately appealing to all ages, this young man has a true talent. I was extremely impressed with his versatility and stage presence.

His music is wholesome and evergreen which will surely take him to distant places in his music career. At the age of 15 he already has an old soul when it comes to expressing the story in each song. His passion is clear and present in each note and lyric.

I enjoyed the sharp and clean strumming of the acoustic guitar. Each chord grabs you and you can’t help but begin to sway with the music.

Sam’s talent is natural and it shows in his confidence on stage and with the music. This new album is a 12 track jewel. It appears that growing up with classics like The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and of course one of my favorites, The Rolling Stones has deeply impacted Sam’s desire to be genuine and lead him to choose to write his own songs then cover others.

Please take a moment to enjoy this recommended selection, “Hide and Seek” by simply clicking the link below.

At the young age of 5 Sam began a magical journey in the music industry and it appears he has no plans to stop any time soon. While passing by a local music shop a Fender Mini-Strat caught his eye and he immediately said, “ I want to do that”, and now he is a gifted singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with not one but now two albums under his belt.

Somewhere between the ages of 7 and 11 Sam self -produced several songs and short videos, then at the age of 12 he released his first EP “I’m In Here” that has received rave reviews. Now at the age of 15 he has released a full length album sure to do the same. “Frame Of Mind” is a winner. For someone of his age his gift for producing soulful, upbeat and toe tapping tunes is outstanding.

You can also enjoy the video for “Everything’s Ok” here:

Levin has appeared on many various stages since the age of 7 when he had his first open-mic night to the recent 2 hour shows at community arts festivals, coffee houses and a one week London Open MicTour. Artists who have played a big part in influencing his music are James Blake, Herbie Hancock, Courtney Barnett and Bon Iver as well as Galactic and JJ Grey.

Sam Levin courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

This album and Levin’s talent borrows on a multi list of genres. He gives us a splash of indie acoustic, with a little jazz, a little folk, and some highly appealing melodies that will have you singing along from the first verse.

For a teenager he sings about real life struggles, hopes, dreams, and anxieties that most teens face in today’s society. I think he would be great with soft rock and that the female background vocals only bring out more in his vocals. His instrumentation is solid and on target and I would love to have this album in my own personal collection.

The amazingly talented Sam Levin performed all vocals and played Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Beatbox, Bongos, Piano, Hammond Organ, Melodica, Percussion and all instrument programming on this album. The album “Frame of Mind” was produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by David Levin.

“Frame of Mind, is really about the last year and a half of my life. It’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just what happened. It’s about music’s place in all of that, in my life.” ~ Sam Levin~

Websites for your pleasure are:
Official – thesamlevin.com
Facebook – facebook.com/thesamlevin/
Twitter & Instagram – @thesamlevin )

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