Iconic Singer Songwriter Jim Peterik releases “The Songs”, A Fresh New Take On Some of His Most Notable Songs Ever

Jim Peterik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jim Peterik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jim Peterik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

When you say the name Jim Peterik you may think of Survivor and rightly so. Jim is the founder of the the band Survivor who busted through the rock music scene in 1978, receiving great success in the 80’s with some of the industries greatest songs like; “Eye of the Tiger” which went double-platinum certified in 1982.

Now Jim has done it again with his latest release. A re-working you might say of some of those greatest and most inspirational hits ever. This vision of taking timeless lyrics and inspiring new exhalation in the masses has a deeper texture and distinctive pallet. It is not only timeless it is eternal. Jim’s music would grace the style of Americana/Roots and pop.

His redirection of “Eye of The Tiger” is nothing other than genius. It’s a total 360. From rock to bluegrass/country. It is definitely a taste of someone with true genuine talent who can take his own music and rework it in such a direction that it is still a hit.

Jim Peterik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jim Peterik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

He has co-written songs with REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hager, 38 Special, and The Beach Boys. Peterik has made history in the music industry. His songs have been performed by millions on hot summer days, at high school reunions and even weddings. Peterik is classic and rock solid with emotionally infused vibrations on each and every song of this new collection.

Is This Love” is still just as exquisite as it was from the beginning. The acoustic guitar is sharp and clear and the vocals are warm and inviting. I would love to have a front row seat to hear this live.

Not only is his music one of a kind but so is he. His style, grace, and showmanship is a trait he has long valued. He is not the average everyday rocker. Setting his sights on more than what most people think of when they hear about rockers, such as fast women and drugs, and wild parties, he chose a different road. With his high school sweetheart and a steady eye on his music career he has forged the most dynamic stage presence and exploding highlights as one of the most powerful entertainers in the industry.

Recorded at his home and in Nashville this album is sure to fly off the shelves and downloads will hit more than triple digits. Produced by Fred Mollen and Jim being accompanied by Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger this collection is solid gold.

I was also blown away with the simple yet perfect slow groove of “Vehicle.” It was absolutely amazing. Gone are the horns and the hard pounding percussion. Welcomed in are the smooth, rich and inviting vibrations with the electric keyboard and the vocals….well….what can I say, as always outstanding.

Jim Peterik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jim Peterik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Accolades of distinction for Peterik include opening for the Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin as part of the group The Ides of March, an Academy Award, best selling author of Songwriting for Dummies, his autobiography “Through the Eye of the Tiger”, a Grammy Award, and many many more.

Another release that Jim would like to present is a new single called “We All Bleed Red” in honor of the tragic 2016 nightclub shooting in Orlando.

In closing I must say this is one of the best re-working of originals that I’ve listened to. They are all completely new in some aspects and yet hold that tiny hint of the original that gives each one it’s on unique and distinct signature.

Jim Peterik is a master songwriter and performer and this is without a doubt his best of the best.


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