The Furious Seasons introduce “Look West”

Cover courtesy Independent Music Promotions
Cover courtesy Independent Music Promotions

Los Angeles folk/pop group The Furious Season recently released their new CD called “Look West.” It’s a 12 track collection of fantastic songs for the avid folk/pop listeners and it is the fifth album for the group.

I must say these guys are more than just the real deal they are absolutely amazing. The music, the lyrics, the attitude that sells the truth and meaning behind the music is solid, no non-sense pure magic.

As I began this review I looked at other reviews and I must say they have a huge following. These guys have been playing and making music for many years and the ease at which they do so is magnificent.

Graceful and with great respect each song is presented in full fluid motion of exuberant skill. “Longshot” is a beautiful ballad with some of the most amazing lyrics. The lyrics describe most every relationship that has ever been. It talks about the ups and downs of each love and how confusion can test us but if our love is true we can over come it. Take the “Longshot” and win your hearts desire, cherish it for as long as you can. Brilliant song. Vocals are warm and inviting.

For your listening pleasure please check out the single here:

Furious Seasons courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

This is one truly outstanding group. While their work doesn’t fall in the more well known traditional folk genre, their work fits well in folk rock, folk pop and Americana music. Each member of the group shares his own unique talent and skill with great precision. I love the upright bass. It is my understanding that this is the first time through out his career that Jeff plays an upright bass. I really enjoyed the over all easy feeling about the music. It’s good music, plain and simple.

“A Thing To Behold” is rich, clever and fluid in motion. The guitar is exquisite. Clear, crisp and like a magic harp. The introduction to the song was very welcoming and fresh.

This album is the fifth for the group but it is the 21st album for David Steinhart. It is also the first to go completely acoustic. I think this concept is the right move because it show’s the true depth and dedications to a natural talent without being muddied by fillers from a recording machine.

Furious Seasons courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Dueling guitars on “Sadly Matched” are perfect. I love the depth they present to the listener. Each word invites you in to the song and to the story. It actually allows you create your own video in your mind of a memory of your own lost love and how you can work through it for an easy transition.

Members of the group are: David Steinhart on Acoustic Guitar and lead vocals, Jeff Steinhart doing an exceptional job on stand up bass, and Paul Nelson on Acoustic lead guitar and back up vocals. The album was produced by The Furious Seasons, and recorded and mixed by Tim Boland at White Light Studios in North Hollywood CA. A few of the tracks were recorded at a home studio in Hollywood that was designed and set up for country artist Shelby Lynne.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I could say that I would love to hear a little more blues or a little more folk but to be honest, every thing is perfect just the way it is. Great artist, great talent, and a truly pleasurable experience to enjoy their music. They are story tellers at the top of the scale. Each song is unique and distinct in it’s right and carries itself on the winds of ease and simple living. The name Furious Seasons is just a teaser, there’s nothing furious about this music. It’s magic.

For more information on the Furious Seasons and the phenomenal album please check out the links below:


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