Canadian Artist Norine Braun Releases Phenomenal Jazz/Pop Collection With Through Train Windows

Funky jazz with a poetic theme, and presentations of a bluesy rock prevalence. Norine Braun is a queen of modern day blues/jazz royalty.

Spicy alternative jazz brings vibrate descriptions of the world and our natural surroundings in this collection. It has a rock angle, an edgy feel, and yet her voice brings in a soft sultry expression to the lyrics. All in all each element makes for a superb mix.

I love the low tones in Brauns voice, if you listen closely you hear that even on those low end notes, shes right in key, right on the money, every time. Nice work.

Braun has almost a big band, rock mix sound with the smoking hot brass section on “Through The Train Windows”, it’s got the funky groove of blues, jazz, rock, and big band in the weave of this song.

Her pallet is open and the sky is the limit. She pulled inspiration for “Through Train Windows” from a cross country tour called Canada Riding the Rails. Norine and several others traveled over 6000 kilometers from Vancouver to Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, and Halifax. As she breathed in and absorbed the majestic beauty before her she wrote most of these compelling songs and through them, I believe, has inspired others to revel in the experience.

Vocals are sultry, quirky, and an all around fresh mix with her vocal jazz sounds, traditional pop tunes, and rock vibe.

Braun slides in to the genre of easy listening, jazz funk. It’s a nice mix, not muddy or scattered. Her vocals are on pitch and key and she’s got a huge range that gives her a unique style.

This album was produced by multi talented and Juno nominated Adam Popowitz, who is also the bass and lead guitar player on the recordings. Popowitz produced another of Brauns albums called “Gone To The Spirits” which was nominated in the Western Canadian Music Awards.

Norines pallet and the texture she builds in each song magically takes the listener on the ride with the music and lyrics. Her vocals seem to call to you.

“Heading Up North” displays the velvety and sultry tones of Brauns vocals keeping the song solid and on the rail. “Rock The Rolling” is infused with a jazzy flavor and harmonious vocals.

“Ninety Nine Percent” is kinda cool in that it combines graphic art with slides in the video. The song expresses thoughts on how our world is moving with struggles, corruption, economy and just plain out right trying to make a living. It’s modern and masterful

Listeners should jump on over to Spotify where Norine has a very nice collection of albums, EP’s and singles. Her style has been described as Jazzed up, funk-tinged eclectic pop by where you can also find a nice enjoyment of her music.

Accolades for this artist include the following:

This last year in 2018 she was the Western Canadian Music Award Nominee Spiritual Artist of the Year for Gone To The Spirits. Before that in 2017 Braun earned recognition from The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity Musician in Residence. She was the 2017 Finalist in the national Canadian Songwriting Competition for the song Coyote from Gone To The Spirits. In 2014 Braun was selected by the Canada Council For the Arts Professional Musicians Grant for Ququnak Patke composition. In 2010 she earned recognition in the FACTOR Showcase Grant for Kansai International Music Conference Showcase Performer Osaka Japan and Tokyo Showcase.

She was the 2008 Winner as the Los Angeles Independent International Music Awards Female Singer-Songwriter of The Year Jazz Category for song Crystallize and in 2006 Winner Artists For Literacy Songs Inspired By Literature International Songwriting Competition for song Conformity 451.

All media and photo’s are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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