“Lessons From Life And Love” with Kimia Penton

Image by Jeckyl Photos
Image by Jeckyl Photos
Image by Jeckyl Photos

Born in India, studied psychology in London, and now making her home in the US, world traveler and natural born artist Kimia Penton is truly one of a kind. Kimia is the full package. She has beauty, brains, and talent. This new six track release will fit nicely in the adult contemporary country/pop genre. Let’s look at the distinct aspects of the artist as a musician, psychologist and teacher.

Musician/Singer: Her gifts bloomed early during her grammar school days when at the age of seven she began her classical studies on the violin and participated in the youth orchestra. As a teenager she began songwriting as a form of communication skills.

Her profession as a psychologist sometimes lends a hand in the creation of beautiful lyrics and timeless melodies. Kimia has always been interested in human behavior and after completing her education she became a psychologist. She has long since used her lyrics as a way of interpreting her thoughts and observations on life.

As a teacher Kimia enjoys working with young people and has used her love of music to develop materials for teaching music and songwriting to kids.

Her style has been compared to Norah Jones and Alison Krauss with a crossover sound of pop and jazz but there is still a hint of country/pop in the mix. This album is filled with songs related to lost love, unconditional love, and how love and life are so intricately molded together. With her major influences such as Carole King and Bach your sure to find a wide range of beautifully placed melodies on this album that will speak to you.

Image by Jeckyl Photo http://www.JeckylPhoto.com
Image by Jeckyl Photo http://www.JeckylPhoto.com

“My Kind of Love”, the title track is engaging from the beginning with an almost classical acoustic guitar. This one could be a cross over country/pop song. The lyrics are expressed passionately and the background vocals and harmony lend a deep, creamy, exotic blend.

“Pieces” begins with an elegant entrance of violin. Sultry vocals express a love of betrayal and broken heart. Then the accompaniment of percussion and guitar pull it together with a full flavor of piano and cymbals. Love the violin as it expresses her heartfelt energy.

We can all understand feelings of first love, heartbreak, joy, loss, grief, anger, which are all part of the human existence. This album is about embracing these experiences and persevering despite our disappointments,” ~Kimia Penton~

Track #5 “Start Again” is also a great choice for a contemporary country/pop choice. Kimia has clear and articulate expression in her lyrical talent. Very clear, strong, and well placed. The inflection in each note is right on target. Love the piano as it lends a crisp and clear imprint for the listener.

Kimia Penton courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Kimia Penton courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Kimia’s vocals are warm, distinctive, and heartfelt. The musical talent on this album is justified by the inspiring originality of each song. Kimia is the vocalist on this album with accompaniment of violin and also songwriting. Lending their musical gifts with Kimia on this album are Francis Moka on percussion, Leslie Williams Blum on piano, Kelyn Crapp on guitar, and Wes Stephenson on bass.

When doing a music review or just listening to a new album for the first time it’s tough not to skip around until you find one song you like more than others. I think you’ll want to listen to each and every one of the songs on this compilation and not skip a one.

For more information on Kimia you can visit her here. This album was produced by Kimia Penton and Francis Moka at Crystal Clear Sound studio in Dallas Texas and released on October 16th 2015.

Photo’s courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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