Singer Songwriter and Science Fiction Author ~Amaris~ Releases New Album Called “Aquamarine”

You saw the headlines right? Amaris is an outstanding author and singer/songwriter who recently released a new album to fans every where. This is actually her fourth album and it’s a delicious new collection for all those who love bass, blues, and water.

The theme of the album is of course crystal clear water and features 12 amazing new songs. Her vocals are inviting and the album gives a great range of blues, pop and electronic sounds with a deeper spectrum of bass to fill any void.

Inspired by her love of the sea you’ll find several tracks with the essence of something or someone that has to do with cool, clear water. Even if it’s only a characteristic type impression.

Amaris Wenceslas is 26 years old and based in London. She is a Dutch-Swiss -New Guinean born singer songwriter/ actress who grew up in Switzerland. With a rich heritage it is no wonder she has this amazing gift and talent to share. Her first album “Geiko” was was produced and released in 2014 by Amaris. Then in 2017 she presented two new albums for release back to back: “The Hollow and “Neon Colors”, which was her first impression on a new genre. She is also an amazing author of a book called “The Chariots of Orion – The Request” published in 2016 and she is an avid admirer of astronomy and most all things “nerdy.”

The first track “London Lights” begins with a soothing almost ethereal flow to it. “Kiss It Or Leave It” is a beautiful song about relationships and the journey of commitments. I enjoyed “Neon Colors” because it gave us the opportunity to hear the vocals live and not just from a recording. Live songs seem to always makes the background essence deeper and full.

“Spotlight” is a nice “feeling” song, as it is about things or people that make you feel happy, make you smile or laugh, or maybe you put them in the forefront, “the spotlight” just..because…you…like them.

“Love Under” and “Build Me An Ocean” are break ups songs while “Salt And Sand” is also focused on messing up relationships, but not necessarily love relationships. I enjoyed the electronic ambiance.

I also took interest in the track “Crazy” as it had no bass tracks due to stirring the instrumentation toward the feel of water. I would like to say it works. It is very inviting and relaxing.

The title track and the final song in what I called the breakup series is “Aquamarine” Her emotions were blue and the movement of the cool blue water directed her toward the title and remarkable heartfelt emotions placed in the song.

Musicians performing on this album are the beautiful Ámaris Wenceslas with compelling vocals, artistic and truly creative songwriting, and production. Presents in the styles of pop, bass ‘n’ blues, R&B, urban, and blues. Most would say they are similar to artists Lana Del Rey, La Roux, Santigold, and Alison Moyet. This album was also produced by Amaris Wenceslas.


Not only is Amaris a talented singer/songwriter she is also a talented novelist and writes in the sci-fi genre. You can find out more about that when you check out the links below to her sites. Her prose and intellect with various subjects is vast and witty.

For more information on Amaris and where you can purchase her music or maybe see a performance, please check out the links below.

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