Ben Cesare’s Cesare’s Palace Album Review

Cesare created the perfect balance of Northern twang mixed with Southern pride in this consistent, carefree record. With each song having a touch of where he came from with influences of true southern grit, his candor can really be appreciated along with how confident he is in where he came from. Every song on this album has been co-written by Ben Cesare, Sherrie Austin, and hit-songwriter Will Rambeaux; except for “That Was a Man”- written by Grammy-nominated artist and songwriter Lee Brice along with Kyle Jacobs and Rambeaux.


   The current single “Damn Yankee” is very in touch with Cesare’s roots and recognizes where he came from. Surpassing 110,000 streams on Spotify- the Ben Cesare Band is on a fast track to stardom. The way they incorporate country twang with rock and blues influences shows incredible diversity. It is evident throughout the record that Ben is very confident in his roots, which is extremely important especially in the music business.


Another great asset to this record was “Poor People” between old country twang with a mix of the pop country to fit in with today’s modern radio hits. This track sheds light on the positive sides about not having a ton of money, but still making the best out of what they do have and focusing on that. It emphasizes that even at the bottom of rock bottom, there are still things to be thankful for. Being “rich” isn’t about how much money you have, it’s better to be rich in good company rather than money.


This seven-track album has a song for everyone to enjoy. A favorite of mine was “All in One Girl,” a sweet and unique love song. Cherishing and recognizing that he has found the one he wants – knowing nowadays that’s extremely rare. While listening to this song I couldn’t help but smile and hit repeat when the song ended. ” Some guys spend their life searching the world…. To find what I found all in one girl” he knows he has someone special and emphasizing that when you find something real, you have to do everything to keep her.


“That Was a Man” written by Grammy-nominated artist and songwriter Lee Brice alongside  Kyle Jacobs, and Will Rambeaux. This emotional power-ballad brought tears to my eyes. Breaking down racial barriers, this track is one of a kind and definitely will make a difference in today’s society. “They killed a slave but created a king,” Racism and Slavery are very rare topics to talk about in the country music scene but this song is extremely important and the ideal addition to this record.


There truly is a song for everyone to enjoy on this record. The mix of blues, rock, and soul creates a very diverse album. Each track shows off very unique attributes that emphasize the profoundness of the band’s artistry.

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Album Review by Grace Ferrell

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