John Heinrich’s Elements Album Review

John Heinrich is shows of his stunning skills on his new album Elements. His project features 10 new songs each more brilliant than the last. Heinrich masters the mix of classical and jazz. His songs are mesmerizing. He brings music to life within this stunning album.

“God Bless the Child” is beautifully written and executed. I found myself playing it on repeat. Everything about it is fantastic. “Something Between You and Me” stuck out on the album as well. It has a country twang that you don’t often hear in classical music. I really fell in love with it. “Lady Bird” has a jazz feel to it that makes your feet want to move. It’s fun and exciting. Any song you choose from this album will leave you with a smile on your face. Heinrich is skillful artist and has mastered his instruments.

John Heinrich has been playing guitar, saxophone, and numerous other instruments since 1964. He has a full endorsement with EXCEL Pedal Steel Guitars and is currently on tour with Ronnie Milsap playing the Pedal Steel Guitar, Saxophone, and Dobro. He currently lives in Nashville, Tn where he can often be found playing live shows and recording. His music is timeless along with his skills.

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Review by Taraya Harvey

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