Country Faith Music Series Releases Country Faith: Love Songs

Deborah Evans Price’s latest addition to her Country Faith music series is Country Faith: Love Songs. This album features 14 of country music’s love songs. From “Make My Life With You” by the Oak Ridge Boys to “Love Like Crazy” by Lee Brice every song tugs at your heart. This is an album you can listen to for ages. It’s about the heart of country. It’s an album you can play over and over again. “I’m Your Man” by Randy Travis is a timeless favorite. “He Saw Jesus” by Kathie Lee Gifford is beautifully sang and leaves you with a warm heart.

Country Faith, created by Deborah Evans Price and Bob DeMoss, allows country music’s stars to open up about their faith. From scriptures to personal stories. This is the 6th album for Country Faith. Price is a Country Music Association Award-winning writer. DeMoss is a New York Times bestselling author. Wildfire 7 is a co-founder of Country Faith LLC.  Country Faith celebrates the heart and soul of country music in the best way. Giving fans a refreshing way to look at country music and it’s stars, by sharing their faith. This album will tug at your heart in the best way. Love and faith are what country music was founded on. This is a pleasant reminder of that.

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Review by Taraya Harvey

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