Southern Halo’s Just Like In The Movies Album Review

Sibling trio acts are rare (hint: The Walker Brothers weren’t really brothers) and female vocal trios are rarer than Wester eggs on Easter Island. SHeDAISY was the last sister trio to make a dent in the Country charts, and now Southern Halo are set to take the sister act well into the twenty-first century.


Sisters Natalia (‘Nata’), Christina (‘Tinka’) and Hannah Morris are the trio that comprise Southern Halo, and the three young ladies are far from newcomers to the music scene.  By ages 12, 10 and 9, they were already appearing in blues festivals across their native Mississippi.  While out performing, they so impressed Alabama’s Jeff Cook that he produced their 2014 debut EP, and a full length, self-titled project in 2016.


Now comes their latest album, JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES, proving that their early success was no fluke.  The new project is a concept album and began with a dream. “I had a dream about the life story of Southern Halo,” said Natalia (pronounced Nat-a-LEE-ya]. “So I sketched it out as a collection of songs, as if they were individual scenes – just like in the movies.” Each of the tracks adds to the progressive storyline.


“Our new album has a lot more of my originals than our first album and more tracks too,” said Natalia on the group’s website. “We’ve progressed on vocals; our sound is much bigger now. But, the most important thing is that it’s a concept album. All of these songs are like pieces of a puzzle that all fit together into a single picture.”


Of the album’s fourteen tracks, Natalia wrote or co-wrote ten. The album’s producers, Gerald O’Brien and Catt Gravitt, added their own songwriting expertise to several of the tracks.


Southern Halo bring a fresh take to the musical genre, adding an indie-pop hint to Southern rock-influenced country that is all their own. Adding spot-on sibling harmonies to the strong storytelling makes JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES a fine album from a trio with a future.

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Album review by Preshias Harris

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