Southern Halo a Trio of Sisters Rocking the Country Music Air Waves




Sisters to the end, best of friends, and three of the most beautiful, funny, and professional artists I think I’ve ever interviewed.

Southern Halo has been touring and performing professionally for the last eight years. The youngest, Hannah, was just nine years old at the time they played their first professional paying show. They are wise beyond their years yet deep inside they are still, and forever will be, young at heart. They have collaborated and written with heavy hitters Catt Gravitt, Gerald O’Brien, Paul Taylor, and Abby Lane, as well as co-writing and creating individually on the music chosen for their CD and for future recordings.

Cover RewindBorn and raised in Cleveland MS, these three talented young ladies lend an air of southern charm to the Mississippi Delta. Their current single is “Rewind” that also appears on the current self titled CD “Southern Halo”. “Rewind “is filled with the most amazing harmonies and I’m happy to say they released their single “Rewind” as well as an exclusive video premiere today, on Taste of Country.

Natalia is the oldest and the lead singer for the trio. She loves skinny jeans, Russell Stover dark assorted chocolates, and playing music for the fans. Her musical influences are a great mix of country and pop, which may be why her style mixes so well with that of her sisters. Natalia loves to mix up her music collection with artists such as Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake, Vince Gill, and Eric Johnson.

Christina is known as the wild child. She is like the pulse, constant rhythm, the drummer of the group, and helps keep the rhythm steady yet bluesy beat going. Her versatility and influences on her music not only are heard in her music but seen with her caliber of poise and grace with fans and the public. Her bright personality makes her a huge favorite with the crowds.

Hannah, the youngest, is a little quite and that may be why she’s been given the nick name, the Peace Keeper. She keeps a strong steady heart beat for the group.

~ “We’re in this together” Hannah, Southern Halo~

Southern Halo has opened for Jamie Lynn Spears, Julie Roberts, Brantley Gilbert, Eric Paslay, and Randy Houser. This years touring will include shows at the 25th annual Leland Crawfish Festival in Leland MS. and the girls will also appear at the Third Annual Rock the Block in honor of The Rock U 2 Foundation benefit. Natalia, Christina and Hannah, all expressed the importance to staying on the go, getting their music out to the fans and the public and keeping the momentum going.

Earlier this year Southern Halo attended the Grammy’s in LA and were honored to perform atop the Grammy Museum itself. The girls expressed how happy they were at the warm welcome and acceptance of their music by all the fans in California.

Pillar shot Southern Halo All three are home-schooled extensively on-line so the touring schedule is a piece of cake for three young women with strong, professional values and good insight in to what they want to do professionally in the music industry. Every aspect of the trio is to support the other members of the group and maintain a happy life personally and professionally.

Their young and smart with their heads on tight when it comes to the music business. All three very grounded with a desire to still have fun but always take their music seriously. All three agreed that the reason they chose a career in music is because they wanted to do something together, the three of them. They enjoy sharing their music and their love of music with others. Their first single “Little White Dress” opened many doors and their dreams are becoming reality.

We’re still learning and know it, but we’re having a blast and working hard. This is something we all want…and we understand it has to earned.” ~Natalia, Southern Halo~

Currently on the Billboard and Rolling Stone watch list for 2016/2017 Southern Halo is fresh, energetic and quickly rising in the industry. They all expressed the desire to hopefully open for “The Band Perry” who just happens to be one of their all time favorite artists. Their previous touring schedule has presented the girls with a major round of radio appearances, and a full schedule of local shows through out the US.

ADL4941 COVER ArtThey may be young and still learning but these three young ladies are the full package. They have a serious commitment to their dream and to sharing something that’s makes people happy. They talked about how fans had told them their music has affected people in so many positive ways. Their goals are also to strive for constant contact and to tour as much as possible while sharing their dream with others.

Final PosterThere has never been a second thought about playing music. Since Hannah was nine and the first day that Natalia first played the piano they knew this would be their future. They encourage others to always stay true to yourself, never give up and you can make your dreams come true. They believe that the versatility in the music they like is what gives them a greater edge in this genre. They believe that just one artist limits us on just how far that influence can go but when you have a wide range and great diversity it gives you more to work with.

They love making people smile and feel happy, so doing what they do comes naturally and with out a second thought. It is who they are. As they shared a few exciting moments it’s was clear they love performing, and keeping the fans happy, even when they autographed a bald head.

This is Southern Halo….stayed tuned…. the skies the limit.

Always stay true to your heart, keep doing your thing, your way, and just be yourself.” ~Southern Halo~

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