Damon Mitchell Dazzles With His Latest Release “Elise”

Inspired by artists of the mid 60’s like the Beatles and mostly the writings of legendary artist Paul McCartney, with his classic rock of the 70’s, we find Damon Mitchell. He is a singer-songwriter, southpaw six-stringer who appeared on stage with America, performing on their evergreen hit, “Horse With No Name.”

His influences run deep and music, to him, is like a super power. It’s a language all it’s own.

“Music has power. It is an act of creation. It is a language. Music is a conduit to something bigger than ourselves; something far beyond us. It is a conduit, and yet is simply how we tell our stories.” ~ Damon Mitchell~

The name of this latest release is “Elise”, a six track, power packed collection that is sure to draw great attention. This collection is electrically charged and your gonna love it.

I loved the intro to “Heist.” The piano is hot and classic. It’s an up beat tune that reminds me of the early 70’s soft rock/pop hits. Vocals are crisp and clear and over all it’s just a damn good song.

The intro to “Just A Face” is another form of classic rock with its bright and fresh guitar and a solid percussion section.

Then comes “Elise” with it’s driving intro and visions of New York parties in up town flats. I could see sixties colors of psychedelic, almost James Bond sorta vibes. I see myself in a cool uptown pad with mood lights, lava lamps, and the best music on the block.

Mitchell is right. The music has power, it is a super power, one that can transport you to any place you want to go. The hot electric guitar rifts in the song bring in the true rock feel that calls you to sit up and pay attention.

Some super charged artists lending their talents on this album with Damon are Charlie McCoy on harmonica who performed with Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel, and Tris Imboden on drums who shared his talents with Chicago and Kenny Loggins. You will also find on this album musicians Brian Arrowood on fiddle, Audie Blaylock with lead guitar, Nick Bowcott, second lead guitar, Nick D’Virgillio on drums, Jacob Dupre with the flugelhorn, and Sean Geyer on back up vocals. Along with these awesome talents you’ll find Kim Keyes with backup vocals, Dave Martin on bass guitar and percussion, and Max Mitchell on keyboards and organ. Then of course we have our leader, Damon Mitchell with vocals, guitar, and keyboards.

This artist presents to us in the genre’s or styles of pop, rock, and alternative. They have been likened to artists such as The Beatles, Death Cab for Cutie, John Meyer, and Paul McCartney.

Damon Mitchell may be only 22 years old but his voice and his passion for music and the vision he wants to share is ageless. He was born with a nature love and gift for creating timeless music. This native of Indiana is the real deal when it comes to making “good music”….This EP is set for a March 2 2019 release so be sure to check out the links below for more information.

This album is filled with the flavors of classic rock, smooth jazz, seductive pop, and a easy retro-flow that brings it all together. Mitchell is channeling the past, bringing it into the future and making a quick stop right here in the present, to give us a modernized transfusion of musical rhapsody.

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