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Charm and grace, poised and warmhearted are all words to describe what you find with Leslie Cours Mather. You also find fun, excitement, and a deep love of family, her country and of course country music. Her love for music came from her father who sang in a quartet and inspired her to be herself and do things that she love. At the age of 8 she began piano lessons and she was hooked. As the child of a military father Leslie moved from place to place sometimes and through that became inspired by the many places, people and beauty she saw around the world. The sky was the limit with what she could create from the beauty that surrounded her.

Leslie AmericaInspired by the lovely Linda Ronstadt for her strength and courage in trying different styles and not being afraid to be herself, Leslie grasped that courage as she continued to pursue her career. She would soon find out that the industry is not always wine and roses. Her expectations of the industry changed and she almost gave up. But then an unexpected meeting with a close friend of the family changed things and Leslie found a ray of hope for a future music career. Legendary producer Denny Diante saw something very special in Leslie and came on board to produce her music and help jump start her career while allowing her to be true to herself and the kind of music she wanted to create.

Don’t let anyone change you, always be true to yourself.” ~Leslie Cours Mather~

As time passed she honed her singing/songwriting skills and once again discovered that love for music that she had from her childhood. Marriage and family was still a steadfast part of her life and she said that, “if someone thinks they can’t have both, a career and a family they are mistaken. You can have both.” ~Leslie Cours Mather~

leslie twoRemarkable is the story of devotion to her family. After her daughter was born she once again put her career on hold after her daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. Being there to support and care for her was the most important thing. And so life moved on…… Leslie continued to hold on to her dream all the while being a devoted mother, daughter and wife. Recently her father passed and Leslie was also diagnosed with kidney failure. Through it all she has found hope and courage to keep her dreams alive. Not just for herself but for her family and to help support others who may be experiencing the same struggles. Her comfort came from taking the struggles and painful emotions and turning them into heartwarming and inspirational songs. Her lyrics expressed her loved, devotion, and hope in the face of adversity. Out of the darkest the light shines through.

Currently Leslie is working on her newest single “We Are America” and the response has been phenomenal. I must say, the first time I heard the song I had chills. The message is powerful and concrete. The title says it all. We…Are…America.

“We Are America” has been described as an anthem for our country. Lee Greenwood did it with “God Bless America” and now Leslie has brought pride, courage, faith and hope back to us through this amazing song. The lyrics inspire us to stand proud and stand tall. It instills in us the courage to fight for our future, for our families, and for our country and home.




Vivacious and shimmering her smile and her personality radiant through every word and lyric. Leslie is warm and her voice is inviting. Her courage to remain unchanged by an industry that can be very harsh at times is expressed in the dynamics of her music.

leslie oneHer outlook for the rest of this year and in to 2017 is to continue on the pursuit of inspiring others to take a stand for truth and honor, continue on her road to recovery with her health and promote her music with zest and a full heart. After the successful fight through the battle with her daughters leukemia, then the loss of her father, and now her own battle with kidney failure Leslie still see’s the ray of light ahead. She said that once she gets past the dialysis and things improve with what will most likely be a transplant she will be ready to start and tour around the nation. At this time she wants to continue to focus on the single and the video that will soon be released.

A woman of strong conviction, devotion and commitment Leslie has looked at life as an adventure, moving from one place to the next, learning and growing in a positive way even through the tough times, and remaining faithful no matter how rough life might get.

leslie threeHer previous single “Countrified” has met with great success, she blew the crowds away with her performance at CMA Fest when she performed on the Chevy Roadhouse stage and she also released “Hell Hath No Fury” which has received outstanding reviews as well. She is a woman on a mission and a strong supporter of women in the music industry. It has been my pleasure to share her story with you.

Links to her website: http://www.lesliecoursmather.com/

As our interview came to a close she shared a little advice with me for new artists and any one in the industry who might be feeling a little discouraged.

Life brings unexpected challenges so don’t give up, never give up. Meet those challenges head on and be true to who you are and what you feel inside” ~Leslie Cours Mather, 2016 ~

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