“Time Slow Down” by Tod Hughes

Tod Hughes, Time Slow Down courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Tod Hughes, Time Slow Down courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Tod Hughes, Time Slow Down courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Soulful rock with a groove that keeps your toes tapping and your head bobbing. Tod Hughes reminds me of one of my all time favorite Americana artists Clay McClinton. Their music and style of lyrical interpretation is similar and solid. He is classified in the genre roots rock, Americana.

Hughes released his first EP in May of this year, 2016 and the reviews are hopping. Tod strips everything down to the tips of the roots and shares with his listeners the raw and real life scenarios we experience every day.

His video “Drinking Coffee In A Hipster Place” is wild. It’s all the various faces of our world gathered together in a place to lay back and be yourself. Hipsters in a happy place.

Roots music at it’s best. Top charting talent with this artist is a given. He’s a storyteller, a sage, a word man. He’s a magical bard.

His songs are real from the heart and soul. He writes about truth, life, love, the stuff you want to forget and the stuff you want to remember.

Tod Hughes
Tod Hughes

Unique and eclectic in his approach and delivery of such amazing lyrics and melodies. He has opened up a new avenue of interpretation for a sound that has at times been muddied by over playing and over engineering. Not with this artist. He has literally placed his heart on his sleeve and will not disappoint fans and listeners with his artistic ability.

The lyrics are melodious and stick with you for hours which I think is why I went back so many times to listen again.

A native of Canada and probably one of the best up and coming singer/songwriters in his genre, Tod has a way of expressing his love for music in a way that will bring listeners back time and time again. It’s fresh, rocking roots music that takes you on a journey through the songs not just a short burst of “sound” but a journey.

Tod Hughes
Tod Hughes

The instrumentation on this CD reflects the years of experience and the ability to stay true to your own style and make your music unique to just you. He has his own technique to making a simple rift make you wake up and pay attention. The balance, and rhythmic originality is powerful and driving. It’s not encumbered by synthetic engineering or dials on a machine. It’s rich, warm, edgy and raw.

Authentic and natural talent exudes and the inspiration he draws on from greats like Neil Young and Bob Dylan are apparent and accepted by people of all ages and musical interest.

His current work has been widely reviewed and has received a huge positive response. Tod believes that the spirit is a magical vessel where the music lives and that it is meant to touch our souls in a natural way for both performer and the listener. I believe he’s right.

Future outlooks for Tod Hughes are astronomical. The sky is the limit with where he can go with his music. His lyrics and songs are expressions of hope and real events in life. His first EP “Changing Gears” reflects a celebration of life and how it is in constant change. His follow up release “Time Slow Down” is just as reflective and strong where he takes a blank canvas and turns it in to a masterpiece.

Tod Hughes
Tod Hughes

Tod Hughes is the real deal. His live performances are filled with energy and he has a natural way of bringing the audience in to the song, to his story and that’s what makes him so accomplished. The storyteller extraordinaire.

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This album was produced by Lorrie Matheson, Arch Audio in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

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