Introducing “Americana Soul” by Demetrius N Vince

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Turn it up folks and take a listen to this brand new music by Demetrius N Vince as they share with you their special blend of Americana funk and blues.

“Americana Soul” eases in to the senses with a deep smooth bass and enticing guitar. Then as the rhyme picks up you here a taste of songs we loved as kids. “Bye bye American Pie”, and “drove the Chevy to the levy”, and “This will be the day that I day”….wow what a twist and what an a great expression of the true soul of Americana music. This partnering of lyrics from “American Pie” with the unique lyrics of their own creates a tasteful art of folk and R&B.

Vince and Demetrius met at an open mic night event. Demetrius was looking for a guitar player to ground his vocals and ideas Vince was looking for a great vocal artist to express the music in a melodious balance. The two are perfect together and complement each others talents greatly.

Their joining of blues, funk, R&B and true Americana music has created a signature sound that’s all their own. Demetrius has loved music since he was a child, picking up the guitar at the age of 12 and has a strong background as a DJ and also a producer. Vince is a gifted guitar player and experienced singer/songwriter. This Chicago based duo are now UN-stoppable.

I loved the intro to “Slave” with the deep bass strings of an acoustic. Heart thumping percussion in the mix. Love the lyrics and the vocals as Demetrius sings about the challenges we face in life every day. It speaks about waking up and shedding the chains that hold us down in this world. Free ourselves and live….live…This acoustic with the powerful vocals and lyrics will not only make you want more. You’ll go searching for it. Enjoy the unplugged version right here.

“Rub” begins with a tender acoustic opening and harmonies that gave me chills to to my feet. Absolutely breath taking. “Different” is another great song that speaks about how different we are and how it’s tough to know what others are experiencing if we haven’t experienced it ourselves. Amazing song.

The combination in this duo is powerful and eclectic. Their style is truly all their own. I’ve learned over the years that there are natural born artists who are definitely meant to work together. They have a click, a connection, a link, that only those particular artists can have together. Demetrius and Vince are two or those infinitely gifted artists.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

As I moved farther down the list of songs on this album I came to a tune called “Chicago”…it made me stop and think about what we so easily forget in this world……struggle and hardship but along with it hope. As an avid music listener I would say this work crosses many genre lines and would be easily on the charts in several classifications. “Let’em Know” was the last song that I reviewed on this collection. The opening is up beat and a great invite to a song full of grooving moves.

I’m not looking for fame, I just want to be recognized for all the positive stuff that I plan on doing once I have that platform. I just want to be recognized for my charitable events….just let people know and show people that just because we see a lot of evil in this world doesn’t mean that it’s overshadowing the good. I want to be a voice to let people know that there are still righteous people out there. ~Demetrius, Pure M Magazine ~

This album is an independent release and both have put so much of themselves into it. Fans of Americana folk music will love this collection and I think it will soon become an all time favorite. This album is a chart topper and one that will climb quickly so get your copy today and share it with all your friends. For more information on Demetrius N Vince please visit the following links:


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