“Getting High Off You” by Nick Lamb

I love the humanistic stories where the oppressed or the challenged break free of the ropes that hold them down and how they emerge victorious and blessed. This is one of those stories.

Nick Lambs music comes from the depths of his soul. He writes with a passion about the things he experienced as a child. He writes about the struggles his parents had, how his Dad died young and left a mother to raise five young boys all on her own. How an entire community came together to show tribute and honor to his Dad and the contributions he had given to so many, and…about the love of a young woman who would forever change his life. Sounds like the making for a great movie too, doesn’t it.

Nick will be releasing “Rock N Roll’s My Road” in just a few short weeks. This is his first independent album and his first single from that album is “Getting High Off You”…yes…you guessed it….it’s a song about love. A song about a woman’s love. “Music is the Soul’s interpretation of life’s moments”! ~Nick Lamb~

There are six tracks on this EP and all are solid and full of passionate lyrics and vocals to match. The instrumentation on both is bar none. Nick is different and that will be his ace in the whole.

Track one is “Simple Man” and it has deeply personal story to tell. Hard driving rock n roll behind a headstrong set of vocals.



“”Simple Man” is an inspiring rock song with a touching message. Fans who have not had the opportunity to listen to the track can expect to hear heartwarming guitar melodies and Nick’s soul-stirring vocals. “Simple Man” is an entertaining performance which will reveal an authentic perspective on love and life.”

~Miss Glitter, Glitter and stilettos-Lifestyle Fashion Magazine Blog (Feb 06, 2018)~


Ballad of a Rebel” opens with hard hitting, fast and furious, all out hard rock. The vocals will wake you up with colorful lyrics and expressions of hardships that create the truer than true picture of what life can throw at us.

I really enjoyed “This Town” and the way it opened up with a little memory of Bruce Springsteen. Instrumentally it sounded like summer time with a hint of fresh air. Reminded me of my old home town in the south. With the lyrics it reminded me of wanting to eventually get out of that little because there was really no way to move up accept to move out. Guitar is hot and inviting, the lyrics are true to the groove and the entire song….really….is smooth and groovin.

Lambs work is heavily influenced not only by the events that took place in his life but by his admiration for some of the music industries iconic artists. Guns and Roses, Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne as huge staples in his love of music. He also has a deep respect for artists such as Alice in Chains and Pear Jam. From Velvet Revolver to the Cranberries. He has taken the scope of music from the 60’s to today and awakened a sleeping giant inside. What an amazing way to express your emotions, challenges and somewhere deep inside there, your dreams. I think he has done an amazing job.

He attended Pennsylvania State University where he earned a BA in video and film production and he also attended Wilkes University where he received a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. I think he made an A+ in both courses.

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