Jagertown’s “Rearview” Single Review

Jagertown is at it again with the release of their new single “Rearview”, available now. “Rearview” is a new take on the famous country breakup. With their energetic vibes and high-spirited sounds. The single was produced by three-time Grammy nominated Matt McClure. “Rearview” is on the top 5 most downloaded and streamed tracks on Play MPE and #1 most added songs on the Music Row Charts. “Rearview” has also been a Nashville Access’s Super Pick of the Week.

Jagertown’s upbeat rhythm is making this song a Jagernation favorite. Everything from the vocals to the harmonically-rich melody makes it a new favorite. It’s a story we have all heard, a broken heart at the hand of a bad breakup. Jagertown put this into a new perspective by leaving it all behind and “puttin’ our love in my rearview”. “Open road” and “wind in my hair” driving away and not going back.

Jagertown also released their LithoLyric, designed by illustrator and graphic novelist Don Dreier. Jagertown is a story telling band and this is an element you won’t want to miss out on. They are turning their songs into art with this beautiful new feature. Different sizes are available for fans. The largest size comes numbered and in a frame. These can be purchased at: http://www.litholyrics.com/

Jagertown is Preston, Liz, JT, Meter, and Danny Boy. They are a band from Utah. 2018 was an exciting year with their release of “Small Town Superstars”. This year is looking to be just as big. They seem to be more of a family than a band.

For more information:

Website: www.Jagertown.com

Facebook: @Jagertown

Twitter: @Jagertown

Instagram: @Jagertown


Review By Taraya Harvey


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