Jagertown’s “Small Town Superstars” Single Review

Jagertown is a country rock band. Their new single, Small Town Superstars,” brings high energy and great sound. This song presents silvery vocals mixed with awesome guitar riffs. It is a pleasant dynamic between the two. This song is a party ready to happen. The beat is very catchy, surely made to get people on their feet. The lyrics are just as enjoyable as the beat. It’s about a band that plays small-town gigs, but love every minute of it. They mention “crossing fingers and praying that people show”. Everything about this song is fun and inviting to those listening that you can’t help, but want to sing along.
Jagertown is a band from Utah that is mixing country and rock to make flawless music that will have everyone listening and on their feet. The band collectively writes their music. They have three albums and have opened for stars such as Leann Rimes and Sawyer Brown. This is a band that is on the rise and sure to be a fan favorite in no time.

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