Mark Bray’s “For Love” Single Review

Mark Bray’s song “For Love” is playful and inviting. The song talks about what a guy will do for love. His voice is flirty and gruff at times. The tempo is upbeat. Everything about the song is fun and catchy. I really enjoyed the feel of the song. It made me think of Garth, George, or even Allen Jackson. Bray’s sound is that of Traditional Country which we don’t hear too much anymore. This song brings back the sound of Country that will never get old. This song is not just upbeat, but it’s full of the country charm we all know and love. Bray is playful and entertaining. If you miss the sound found by many of the greats then you will really enjoy “For Love”.
Mark Bray finds inspiration from many different genres and eras of music. His music style is described as 90’s country and I think that is spot on. I grew up with 90’s country and “For Love” took me back to my childhood. Bray is driven to give energetic performance’s that catches the attention of the audience. He is creative and charming in the best way. I look forward to hearing more from him.

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