Jaquiel THE VOICE’s The Natural Project Album Review

There’s a reason why Jaquiel THEVOICE’s music sounds and feels the way that it does. As a child, his grandfather would place him upon his stomach and make him sing songs from the likes of Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Luther Vandross.

It’s no surprise that Jaquiel was able to cultivate such a purely genuine album as The Natural Project. When you live by the motto “Music is my life, Life is my song” it’s easy to see that Jaquiel is fulfilling his purpose and obligation to this world. He was made for this industry. He’s what this industry needs.

In a generation where true artists seldom get the chance to shine, Jaquiel THEVOICE has opened his entire soul for the world to see it and appreciate it. It is rare for me to stumble upon an artist that is so true to themselves and unapologetically raw. The lyrics of The Natural Project are what truly drew me into it. It also helps that Jaquiel produced the album himself.

Jaquiel opens The Natural Project with a question posed as spoken word setting the entire tone for the album. Upon hearing these beautiful words, I knew something for sure. I knew that I wouldn’t regret experiencing this album. I also knew that this album was for the dreamers, the lovers, the poets, and the artists:

“What of the world to the one who in escaping their realities
in the clouds of their imagination
flew from the nightmares of the ground
into the sky of their dreams?”

Press play. Track #2. I was introduced to “I Can Fly” months ago when I heard Jaquiel singing the chorus of it on Dylan Dili’s Pain 2 Power album. To me, it was one of the standout tracks on that album, but the chorus is what was truly magical about it. It was that feeling that all dreamers have experienced at some point.

It’s when all you have is the ability to dig inside of yourself and tell yourself that you can turn the vision in your head into your present life. So to hear Jaquiel’s full version of “I Can Fly” was rewarding for me. The instruments in this song are intentionally placed and beautifully played. The track opens with spoken word accompanied by entrancing sax playing that instantly soothes my spirit.

The song has become a part of my life’s soundtrack. In the song, Jaquiel discusses how he’s “holding on the ledge, pledging no defeat” and that even through the lows that he has experienced in his life he’s going to find a way to set himself free. I would say that he’s already done so.

Review by Amarii Anderson


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