Brett Dennen’s Here’s Looking At You Kid Album Review

Brett Dennen Showcases the Depth of his Artistry in Newly Released EP

While listening to this EP, I couldn’t help but notice the depth of the lyrics. Brett Dennen is definitely proving himself to be one of the most inventive artists out now. This is a phenomenal representation of Brett’s artistry. You can really respect how descriptive he is in his lyrics telling a story in each song. The overall vibe of the EP truly is one of a kind, unique, and most of all honest.  When I reached the end of the tracklist, I found myself wanting more!

This five-track project is definitely a breath of fresh air and I found myself wanting more when I reached the end. The uniqueness and authenticity of each song truly showcase his gifts as a lyricist as well as an artist. Each song is unlike anything else and diverse, which is vital in today’s music.

The title track “Here’s Looking At You Kid”  is extremely innovative and like nothing else, I’ve heard before. He incorporates such vivid storylines throughout each song and choosing this song to introduce the EP was a great way to open up a new musical venture.

This track made me reminisce about driving back-roads with my dad as a child. It really makes you reflect and look back to simpler times.

Another song that stood out to me was “Be Somebody”. This song has a raw and vulnerable feel, which broadcasts Dennen’s more personal side.  It starts out with an upbeat and easy-going tone, then slows down to vocals, bass, and light drums with hints of piano here and there. The simplicity of this addition makes the listener pay attention to the lyrics, which paints a vivid picture of how Brett was feeling during this time in his life.

Here’s Looking At You Kid is part two of Brett Dennen’s two-part EP project with Dan Wilson.

Dennen is surely an ideal asset to today’s music and this project embraces diversity and is on the rise to chart again soon. Brett continues to impress not only his fans, but also the music community as well with his captivating vocals, in-depth lyrics, and unique influences from old and new music eras.

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CD Review by Grace Ferrell 

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