OLD NASHVILLE VS NEW NASHVILLE. Explore Music City with Tyler Cain in his latest video release for his new single “Back to Me”

When he’s not busy writing and producing big name acts like Darius Rucker, Ashley Monroe, Meghan Linsey and more, Tyler Cain has been writing and recording music of his own, and if his previous release, “Suitcase Heart” written with Tiffany Goss and Ashley Campbell (the late Glenn Campbell’s daughter) and sitting at NEARLY A MILLION STREAMS on Spotify, is any indication, then his new release is destined for success!

“Back to Me” from his EP “This is All There Is Vol 1” was co-written with Glass Note artist Jeremy Messersmith. “It’s a song about the lonesome feeling of saying goodbye to someone you love while finding strength in knowing you’ll come back together better for it”, Cain says.  The video, directed by newcomer Jonathan Dale plays to that emotion, featuring Cain in different areas of Music City, from the pedestrian bridge with skyline in view to old staples like the Wedgehill Market. Cain says his vision for the video came from his own juxtaposition between the old and new version of this city he calls home, “I wanted to feature the old and new Nashville in the video. The emotion of this song is like the soundtrack to my love affair with this city. We’ve all seen tremendous growth and with that comes amazing things, but deep down we just want to feel the same connection we once had, when it was more about music and less about high rise condos.” The video for “Back to Me” made it’s world premiere on CMT last Thursday, August 23rd.

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