Jessica Brant Tempting You With “Seduction”


Young, beautiful and ever so talented WMMW presents Jessica Brant and her latest release “Seduction.”

Jessica is just one of many fresh new faces we’ll be introducing to you this year. She has a deeply rooted passion for music and she’s committed to supporting other young women in the industry as well.

The first song she ever performed live and in public was at the impressionable age of 3 when she wanted to be part of a program her older brother was involved in. She asked her mom if she could do it too and she blew them all away with her interpretation of the song from the popular kids program “The Barney Theme Song.”

A few years later around the age of 6 or 7 she performed for friends and family and sang the song from the famous Disney Movie Pocahontas, “Color The Wind.” She has always known that music was the gift of a life time and she wanted to pursue it.

Born in Cheyenne Wyoming and now making her home in Nashville TN, Jessica is a child of nature. She love the outdoors, being in the mountains and spending time with family and friends.

This is a wonderful collection and I know you’ll truly enjoy it. For your listening pleasure here is a taste from the album “Seduction”……..

Her style of music is folk Americana even though she has been described as country and pop. She is versatile in her talents and is not only an exceptional vocalist but experienced in playing piano, guitar and saxophone. I love the light and tingly tickle of the ivories on “Seduction” and her vocals are surely inviting.

Her writing process is simple yet personal and intimate. She pulls from emotions, feelings, and as she begins to write uses the piano to find the right combination between lyrics and music to create the beautiful songs we hear on her first album and we hope very soon on her second.

Major influences on Jessica’s style of music are country music sensation Reba McEntire and jazz artist John McLaughlin. Brant also has a great love for legendary Jerry Lee Lewis and said if she could record with any legend living or deceased it would be Jerry Lee.

The way he played the piano was a major inspiration for many. He made it revolutionary. No one played the piano the way Jerry Lee Lewis did.” ~Jessica Brant~

I asked Jessica what her idea of a perfect day was? She said her perfect day would be to spend time in the mountains with family, being in nature, while grabbing a nice cup of coffee and spend time writing music. The fresh air of the mountains and laughter with family is a great influence on writing great songs.

Music just has always been part of me….I never thought of really doing any thing else”~ Jessica Brant~

Just for fun I asked Jessica to picture herself wearing the ruby red slippers of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and asked where she would like to be transported to after clicking her heels together three times. She said that her family roots are based in the Czech Republic and that she is 75% Czech so….if she had that opportunity she would be whisked away to the Czech Republic and discover all about her family heritage. What a magical idea.

You don’t have to click your heals together to find out all the amazing stuff on this exceptionally talented young lady. All you have to do is just follow the link below and enjoy.

Currently Jessica Brant is working her new album and you can check out all the latest on her up coming shows as well as the progress of her new project at

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