Alabama Musican Gabe Pierce pens touching tribute song to Noah Chamberlin; Song grabs over 300,000 hits in one week

Gabriel Pierce
Gabriel Pierce
Gabriel Pierce

Alabama native, born and raised in Limestone County, AL, and independent singer/songwriter Gabriel Pierce, known as Gabe to his family and friends, was so touched by the tragic story of young Noah Chamberlin and his passing that he felt he needed to express some type of tribute in his honor.

Within minutes he penned the most beautiful and heartfelt expression of love and emotion that has received well over 300,000 plays in a week and reached 41,976 hits in one day on Facebook.

The song is inspiring, heart-warming and humbling. I believe it not only expresses Gabe’s feelings on the matter but the feelings and emotions of thousands, who have followed the story and sent prayers and sympathies to Noah’s family.

Gabe has been playing music since he was 11 and played with his Dad up until he was 17 years old. But his Dad died shortly after Gabe turned 17 and he lost all interest in music. Then about three or four years ago he decided it was time to pick up the guitar and give it a go once again. He said he felt it was time to move forward.

Nashville Music Guide has the exclusive interview with Gabe Pierce and we are honored he has allowed us to share this personal video with you today.

Gabriel Pierce
Gabriel Pierce

The name of the song is called “Little Hands” and believe me it will touch you deeply. Recently Gabe and fellow musicians played the song for a local crowd at a small family venue in North Alabama. Gabe expressed to me how at first the crowd began to dance but once they heard the words to the song they simply stopped, and as Gabe looked up he saw that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

In the last few days I have received many, many messages from people telling me that since they heard the song they had found God. I felt I must have done something right.” ~Gabe Pierce~

I asked Gabe how the song came about and he said, “I was just sitting at home one night and broke down and started crying. Didn’t know why, couldn’t explain it. Then the words just poured out. I told my girlfriend to grab a pen and paper and I cried through the whole thing. The words just poured out.”

~ Gabe Pierce~

Gabriel Pierce
Gabriel Pierce

Now people are asking to hear the song every chance they get. Saying it has touched them to no end. I believe there is an old saying that out of tragedy comes triumph. The loss of little Noah has stirred a deep and powerful conviction upon many to be thankful for those we love.

Gabe still lives in North Alabama and is currently performing on weekends at a local establishment that is open to the public, family and children alike, called The Barn. The Exit 361 Band play every weekend at Donna’s Barn and Cafe located at Exit 361 beside Charlies Truck Stop. Drop by and show your support for this talented young man and enjoy a show.

For more information on Gabe you can visit him at and


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