Vince Grant releases debut album dedicated to those fighting depression; “My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me”

Vance Grant courtesy of Vance Grant and Independent Music Promotions
Vance Grant courtesy of Vance Grant and Independent Music Promotions
Vance Grant courtesy of Vance Grant and Independent Music Promotions

Singer/songwriter Vince Grant is not afraid to take on one of the worlds most debilitating concerns, Depression. With his music he faces the disease head on and expresses so many things that may be tough for others to express.

Depression and other forms of mental illness incapacitates millions every year. With the economy crisis, war, and other human battles it is, in some instances, expected. Vince Grant, through his honesty and passionate expression of the illness has given us a tool to use to help battle that demon.

The lead single, “Melancholia” is powerful and enlightening. The instrumentals on this song are chilling. Vocals are raw and true. Great job.

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This album is a personal testament, an open journal of a persons battle through a major mental health disorder. One that is frightening and one that does not discriminate by age, gender, or nationality. This album, this music, this collection of lyrics and magic, is outstanding. Reminiscent of REM, Manic Street Preachers, and Elliott Smith, you’ll find solace in the words and strength in the message.

There are two video’s for your enjoyment “Melancholia” and “How Many Times You”…both produced by famed director Alex Nasonov. This is an exceptional expression of personal struggle.

This album is a dedication to healing and Vince has done an amazing job of putting it together and his lyrics will pull you in and open your eyes to things you may have just pushed aside but need to face.

Touching, with deep emotions, and a rare look into “real life”….”My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me” talks about recovery, drugs, alcohol, and how life is meant to be lived with passion and zest, not buried under pain and loss.

Music video

This album “My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me” includes 5 free flowing unique songs. All telling a story meant to inspire. After working a succession of dead end jobs he finally fell to the depths of drug and alcohol imprisonment. A horrible place to be that derailed him from his other passion, music. Now not only was his passion for life falling away, his passion for music was also fading fast.

Determined to make a difference Vince sat down and penned five earth moving songs that will not only inspire you to take charge of your own life but they will inspire you to help others.

Outstanding job and congratulations to Vince Grant for stepping outside the norm, outside the box and taking hold of reality in this winning collection.

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