Alternative Rock Singer/Songwriter Mike Comfort Releases some “Pretty Sweet Stuff”

Pretty Sweet Stuff cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Pretty Sweet Stuff cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Pretty Sweet Stuff cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

With a name like “Pretty Sweet Stuff” you can be most assured it’s pretty sweet. Mike Comfort is no rookie in the music industry and he knows exactly what music lovers want.

I must say Comfort is living up to his reputation. He began his adventure at the age of nine playing the drums and later moved on to the piano and guitar. Even though he didn’t read music there was a clear understanding that he had nature ability for writing.

In 2003 he formed his first band and over the next few years they would become one of the most popular bands of Northern California and earn recognition not only with regular airplay on the several radio stations but also with live sold out performances.

His goal was simply to share his love of music with others who love music. It seems he’s meeting those goals. His current collection is called “Pretty Sweet Stuff” and it is just that.

Released in July of 2016 to outstanding reviews this collection is one of a kind. A best of the best of the best you might say.

A collection eclectic but solid hitting rock with a edge of freedom. Strong and meaty with a deep texture and colorful palate.

“Disarray” is an easy flowing rock movement. Expressions of love, giving of yourself but at times not being appreciated. Love the bass lines, the guitar is clear and crisp, and the edge of reverb is just enough to give it a big punch.

Mike Sweet courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Mike Sweet courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Comfort and his band have received some inspiring accolades. Voted Best Band in Chico, Best Band in Northern California from The Point Chico 107FM, nominated Best New Artist from New Music Weekly in Los Angeles, and Best Band in Sacramento from the Sacramento Radio Station Contest.

Mike has worked with Bette Midler, Don Kirkpatrick (affiliated with Rod Stewart and Richard Marx), and Brad Gillis from Night Ranger. But writing for other artists just didn’t cut the mustard. So along with his new found friend Chris Holmes, Mike put together the mix that would create the group he ahs today and the magic which has become “Pretty Sweet Stuff.”

“Free” is unique that it starts out with almost an old radio sound and then hits hard with a clarity of powerful lyrics and instrumentation. Percussion is right on and the bass is tight. Vocals are strong, raw and yet extremely powerful.

After 15 years and 6 full length albums, Comfort and his band had hits on local and regional levels, were featured on several new programs and sold over 10,000 copies of the CD through record stores, (and yes…there are still record stores), shows, and sold out venues.

Mike Sweet courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Mike Sweet courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Falling Away” is awesome. Loved the opening acoustic guitar and the light strings. “I’ve lived inside this bed way too long”….. I feel the world is closing in……..I sometimes feel like falling away from it all.” Expressions of everyday life. Loss of hope and the need to move on. The instrumentation on this album is superb. Extremely talented artists in this group.

“Here With You” is a great mix of vocals and expression of what it feels like to be done with a wasted relationship. Expression of how he’s done. He’s hurt but…..”I’ll never cry for you…so better off without you.”

If your a lover of easy alternative and classic rock you’ll love this collection. It is not overly complex but inviting, rich and engaging.

This album was produced at Heirloom Studios in Chico, Red Dot Studios in Tracy, and B Mains Bedroom Studios also in Chico CA. You can also check out Mike Comfort and his new album at

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