“Runaway Summer” by Las Cruces New Mexico Rock Artist Cordova

The alternative hard rock group, Cordova, from Las Cruces, New Mexico will give you a sure shot of some super fire, hot and ready rock that will no doubt make your summer sore.

Oliver Charity, Scott Guthrie, Jason Reed, Erick Kurtz, and Mikey Stampede will absolutely deliver. Similiar to artists such as Guns and Roses, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden, this group has what it takes to keep pure, sweet rock music alive in today’s rock music scene.

Their debut album “Staring at Fire” was released in 2016 and shot the band straight to opening for groups such as Buckcherry, Drowning Pool, and Hawthrone Heights. This would place them high on the bar for huge opportunities in the future.

“Hiding” is definitely hard and rocking. What can I say but “Far Freaking Out”….these guys are great. I loved that the name of the group is my hometown. I had chills as I began to review this group. They are high caliber rock. The resonating texture of the song heats up with roaring guitar rifts and riotous drums.

The unrestrained intro on “Summer” is very nice and welcoming. It then begins to move into a nice southern rock style that will keep you moving. Vocals on this song are strong, clear and not muddied, providing a nice change from the screamers that you can’t seem to understand on so many high energized rock tunes.


Track four is “Trigger Happy” and it’s just the others. Hard driving, tight and full. This group is definitely on my top ten list. When I said high caliber earlier…I meant “High Caliber”……..

The group has opened for artists such as Bobaflex, Puddle of Mud, Saliva, and Drowning Pool. The reviews of their music are top notch reviews and

“Weighted” is the last track for this album and it’s power punch holds steady with the other tracks. All four are well written, well played and performed.

There’s not a true blue hard rock fan out there that won’t want to listen to more from this group. They are super talented in that vocals are solid and have depth, instrumentally they are probably one of the best rhythm sections out there today of up and coming artists.

They can be loud but their not so loud that you can’t get a great feel for the music and good vibe from the presentation.

As in keeping with the way singer/songwriters work there is a message behind each song. “Hiding” is a

somewhat personal history of a father whose mourning his past and his concerns for his son’s future. “Summer” is probably more emotional and stinging than any of the other tracks. It’s lyrics grab at the hardships teenagers experience as they fight with inexperienced emotions and what life is all about. The third track “Trigger Happy” fits nicely in today’s crazy social media and news media chaos. It speaks of how various groups speak before thinking and what the outcomes could be. The last track and a great one at that is “Weighted” and it hits on the idea of what happens when our world is overloaded with too much information and maybe not enough action.

I would love to see these guys in person. I think it would be a great show.

“Roaring out of Las Cruces New Mexico with a rockin’ vengeance and a beautiful soul, Cordova are a band to watch. When you think you’ve heard all they have, go see ’em live….believe it or not, things get better” — “Dubba G” Glenn Garza – DJ KLAQ 95.5

Currently you can catch the band at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBbRf6NmXNXBtdHYpgs-6pw and check out their work.

Please note: All media and photos are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

“We want to make you feel and think.” – Cordova 

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