Introducing Lord Sonny the Unifier With His Single “Right In Your I!

Inspired by great rock legends this collection brings together Motorcycle Club- Dirty Synth Guitar Rock blended with a few softer outer space edges of psychedelic madness.

This single is from the album called “Final Notice” released October 26th of this year and it’s sure to catch your attention.

It’s a bright fresh new take on alternative rock and could be termed a bit in the psychedelic realm with a few of those amazing tunes from The Doors. It takes you on a journey that pushes the envelope on today’s modern garage bands while combining truth of the outer edges of the unknown.

“Right In Your I!” is loud, in your face, out there rock at it’s best. The vocals are raw and hit with a solid edge that’s done very well. I could see Lord Sonny and his group appearing before a thousand or more rough and rowdy bikers at one of the country’s largest biker rally’s and for sure bringing down the house.

This artist is predominantly based out of the New York area but I think once this sound reaches the far masses they’ll be touring heavy across the psychedelic horizon very soon. The group has a truly unique sound and it’s just right for this era of the industry.

The music industry is vast and a new artist such as this is bound to find that certain niche that will solidify them in the future of their genre.

With a heavy influence of the 70’s rock era, you’ll find gritty guitar solo’s, edgy vocals, and instrumentation that lends this album a timeless rating. This collection is sure to stand its ground with hard thumping drum tracks, mind-altering synth guitar riffs and distinct one of a kind vocals.

Lead by Greg Jiritano this group is hot and on the rise. Jiritano began playing the guitar at the young age of 8 and had his own band by the age of 12.  At the age of 16 he was already performing in local bars and night clubs in New York. In 2015 he suffered a huge loss when his studio was completely destroyed by fire but the loss did not stop him from a tremendous comeback and an even greater desire to record his music and share it with the world. Here is the video for “Right In Your I” by Lord Sonny and the Unifiers.  Please note that the content of this song and the video center around hardships and injustice that our world is struggling with. Abuse of power and rebellion. It deals with greed, lack of compassion and lack of tolerance.


Greg Jiritano on vocals and guitar, Tyler Wood on keyboards, percussion and backing vocals, you’ll also find Derek Nievergelt on bass and Carmine Covelli on drums, percussion, and backing vocals. The beautiful Amy Gordon also lends her talents on Babking vocals. This artist presents in the style of alternative, alternative rock, rock, and psychedelic rock.

This artist has been described as sharing the style of David Bowie, The Clash, Black Keys, Sean Lennon, Queens of the Stone Age, Motorhead, Jack White, and The Killers.

A personal note from the artist:

“The music and instrumentation that comes from this album is based on a deep love for the instrumentation, production style and spirit of the mid 60’s to the late 70’s when, somehow, it seemed as if the very magnetic force of the earth and her times were also directly transferred to the magnetic tape itself as well as the song’s soul, a soul that seemed to BE, to exist solely, for the purpose of being a song to sing of itself and not for any other commercial or self – aggrandizing distractions .

“The emergence of new and experimental instruments, mostly synthesizers and keyboards like the Moog, the Clavichord, and the Mellotron, as well as new innovative Guitar effects pedals, seemed to broaden the minds and thus the sonic experimentation’s of the artists of the day breaking new ground with every new release.

“Capturing that spirit of Realness is a very important part of this music; to honor the greats before us and to pay homage to them and to the Spirit of music for the sake of its’ original and basic truth; to sing from the soul, of the soul and to communicate with this universal language to the universe of humanity with no distractions other than its’ own poetic aims.” –Lord Sonny the Unifier

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