Canadian Artist Elza Releases New Album Called “Nothing’s Wrong”

Her style is bold and somewhat eclectic. She sets her own pace and expresses her emotions, thoughts, and desires right there in front of you. It’s almost as if the lyrics are daring us to take that leap into the unknown and find our true purpose as well.

She has created her own niche in the industry with this new album. It is one of a kind and will bring much attention to her creative talents.

“There is a certain serenity to it, but also an undeniable desire. Elza is the nymph, luring us deeper into her realm. Combining ethereal vocals and a refreshing blend of electronic and organic sounds, Elza flawlessly crafts a unique, dreamy yet nonetheless soulful sonance.”– Red On Black Music, EP ‘Glories’ review, 2014

Born in Russia and then relocating to her new home in Israel at the age of 15, Elza discovered her life’s passion… and singing. She learned to play the guitar and found inspiration from primarily acts throughout the 90’s. Those blended with her classical piano and guitar talents have helped her find her unique style.

“Swayed” is almost monotone, but it shares a deep message if you stick with it. It felt a little stiff in places. But that may have been the signal she was giving. The storyline of the song follows evenly. It kinda made me sad.

Elza studied sound design and audio engineering while continuing to hone her vocals and guitar sounds. Then in 2011 she moved to Vancouver British Columbia and began her journey of the zestful club scenes for open mic nights and found her music to receive a warm and exciting welcome.

I enjoy “Hollow”, it is a good mix and the tone is well blended, level, this song is well put together. I enjoyed the almost tribal feel to the sound. The tone essence used is a powerful intro. It has a techno feel. This one…I like…a lot.

“Her 5-song debut EP,Glories, is captivating, beautifully crafted, and an excellent introduction to the wonder that is Elza.” – The Permanent Rain Press, EP ‘ ~Glories’ review, 2014~ “The title track is another terrific song, which demonstrates once again Elza’s ability to create different moods and feelings in four minutes or less. And those feelings are spine-tingling.” – The Revue, EP ‘Glories’ review, 2014

She set up her own small home studio making demos, developing her technique, and feeding her vision. She released “Glories” in 2014 to shining reviews and placed on local community and college radio charts shortly after. Her first instrumental “Clear” was released in 2017. This new debut album is called “Nothings Wrong” and it’s superb.

Nothings Wrong“, the title track is also another slower song I enjoyed. It gave a feeling of something I would like to hear on Broadway, in the large theatre. This would be amazing. Especially with her vocals. Very nice. For me, Elza is a rare jewel in this industry. Her music is timeless and a constant because it reaches into something we all experience every day….life.

“Elza is the Lorde of Vancouver: passionate, on fire, and someone I fully expect nothing but bigger and better things from in the future. I highly recommend her music and live performance, and hope to see her do a headlining show in the future.” – The Permanent Rain Press, Concert review, 2016

For your viewing pleasure, we have a second single from the upcoming album “Nothing’s Wrong” due out on November 2nd for you to enjoy.

For more information on Elza vist the sites below. All media and photo’s courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

“As a solo artist, I write, compose, arrange and produce all my music. I spent over 2 years working on this album alone, carefully crafting all the arrangements. When I felt complete with the demos, I traveled to Israel to record the songs with a band and a sound engineer and producer Ronen Roth.” ~ Elza~



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