Rock Group Pale Blue Dot Brings It On With New Release “Anatomy”

This new release “Anatomy” from Pale Blue Dot, of Charlottesville VA, is super cool. I loved it from the first note. It keeps you moving, rocking, and makes your brain feel super charged and electric.

“Anatomy” by Pale Blue Dot is fun, upbeat, and stays with you even after you’ve moved on to your other activities. It’s solid enjoyable music.

“I Know” is an excellent song with a collage of instrumentation that brings a roar of energy from the first note. Guitars are riveting and the percussion section of bass and drums holds it steady. I couldn’t stop moving in my chair. “I know, I know, I know….” that this is far freaking out.

Tony’s voice is superb and the entire album is exceptional. It’s filled with raw, pure energy that exudes a driving, pulsating rhythm that cannot be denied. Though many might say this group sounds a lot like other particular artists like Foo Fighters etc….they are even more. They are extremely talented musicians with a gift for creating the edge needed to take their music all the way to the top of today’s music scene.

“Stained Glass Window” begins with just a hint of reverb in the rifts then brings it nice and clean with rocking guitar. I love the precision of balance in the songs. Mixed and mastered like a precious gem.

“Dust and Light” has a solo by guitarist Peter Balogh that is mind blowing. I love the lyrics and how they bring us in to the music. We are all part of each other and the energy from the music mixes with our own energy to give us….Pale Blue Dot. The vocals are tempting and teasing, bringing you in to the entire essence of the music. You can tell that this group truly enjoys what they do.

“The Harlot And A Gambler” was the last one I selected from this album and I will say once again I wasn’t disappointed. It brings it right on…all the way. Nice, moving intro and instrumentation is pristine. Once again the vocals deliver 100%. I would very much enjoy seeing this group live.

Artists performing on this album are Tony LaRocco with vocals and guitar, Peter Balogh on guitar, Drew Pompano bringing it home on bass and Darby Wooten keeping it real on drums. Other talented artists on this album are Will Thomas, Johnny Stubblefield, Butch Taylor, Sam Wilson, and John D’Earth. This artist presents with the style of pop rock and alternative rock and fans of artists like Coldplay, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters will be lining up to grab a copy. This album was produced by Dave Stipe on Rockfish Music Label, tracking songs in Nashville TN at Blackbird Studio, and Bias Studio in Washington, DC.

The songs in this collection cover a variety of topics from personal issues to social issues and do so in a way that’s not invading or biased. There are expressions of grief and anger but their done so in a way that welcomes a positive change to events that might not have been so positive.

Pale Blue Dot are now part of my daily musical enjoyment. I play their music and do my work during the day and I also listen to them at night when I’m ready to relax and unwind. On the scale of 1 to 5 stars….I give them a super duper 8 stars!!

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