“Figment that Was Me” by Blueanimal

One of the things I love about Nashville and Nashville Music Guide is the opportunity that our city has in the enjoyment of so many great genre’s of music. If you don’t know much about Nashville you probably think that it’s just country music or maybe bluegrass. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Nashville embraces all things music and downtown Broadway is proof. Today I would like to introduce you to Blueanimal, rock artist from Orlando Florida as we spotlight their newest release “Figment That Was Me.”

What started as a side project eventually grew into something bigger. It began with the release of 3 singles and accompanying video’s that would entice the world to want more. Eventually the group would release their 3rd full length album, “Figment That Was Me” on June 4th of this year. It is what some would call their darkest, but definitely most inspiring work. Based on real life experiences of the struggles with mental illness and mental health it is relatable and eye opening.

The band states that their work is influenced from artists such as Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Soundgarden. The hints of classic rock, progressive and alternative work is present in their sound and sweetly mixed for a solid effect.

The video “What Does It All Mean” is powerful, in that it touches on so many thing we are dealing with in today’s world. Depression is an overwhelming thing that affects thousands daily. The lyrics of this song tells the story openly and honestly in a way that I think most will agree is also “truthful.” Taking the time to work on a topic that for many is taboo is a great feat. This album was done with great care and passion, and with soul searching honesty.

The single “On My Mind” opens with a slight hard edge. The movement is rhythmic and hypnotizing. It reminded me slightly of Soundgarden. The lyrics are deeply expressive and at times I felt just a touch of Metallica. Over all, it’s a powerful song. The mix is solid and tight and the presentation is award winning.

“Rock Bottom” is another of my favorites. I enjoy the soft vocals and how the energy builds then again fades into soft ebbs and flows. Each song presents with a powerful and truthful message of personal expression we face daily with life’s challenges. Well done guys. Well done.

Artist quote:

Lead vocalist/guitarist and songwriter Luke Elms explains:

Our new project Figment That Was Me is a departure from our previous albums’ sound to a more grunge inspired sound.  I wrote this album as a concept album telling the story of a person descending into and rising out of a battle with depression and the consequences it has on his relationships, self-image, and all facets of his life.  Our world is in the midst of a pandemic of Covid-19.  But, an epidemic that was present before Covid, and will unfortunately still be raging after, is the epidemic of mental health issues and the struggles of public perception, awareness, and stigma that comes along with it.  My hope is this album can help take people on a journey through this character’s struggle that will allow those that have fortunately not experienced mental health issues to gain a better understanding and those that are currently struggling to not feel so alone.

This artist fits nicely in the genre’s of rock, alternative rock, and grunge. For more information on the artist please check out the links below.

Official Website: www.blueanimalmusic.com
Facebook: @blueanimal
Twitter: @BlueAnimalMusic
Instagram: blueanimalband
Spotify: Blueanimal
Youtube Channel: Blueanimal Band
Artist Contact Email: blueanimalband@gmail.comluke.elms30@gmail.com

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