Barista Introduces “Open Sesame Vol 2: Press Rewind

Press Rewind” is filled with some of the best music I’ve heard this year. The lyrics, the mix, the mastering, the overall sound and the instrumentation is outstanding. I hear of blend of Journey, Supertramp, Bruce Springsteen, and a nice mix of so many more soft rock artists. Truly superb work from this artist.

Barista began his music adventure just a short 8 years ago but as you listen you’ll feel and know that this artist is nature and music is part of who he is. Inspired by stories from his own life and those around him, he is fully dedicated to bringing back that good, “feel good” to the music.

Maybe one of the reasons we hear the mix of some of the artists listed above is that they have touched the course of this collection with their talent by lending their expertice on a few. Example: Jesse Siebenberg of Supertramp and Kenny Loggins, or Brian Duffy of Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver.

The fourth tune on the album is called “sweet” and below you can check it out through YouTube. It’s amazing. I love the smooth and eloquent vocals as they flow with the visual aide of the video. In this video I get the vibe of Bon Jovi. Barista has mesmerizing vocals. I hear a splash of Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi. What I hear the most is Barista, true to form. The graphics, the visual presence is superb. There are no boundaries for the imagination. The sky is the limit.

Artist quote:

For someone like me who doesn’t have any formal music training, becoming a musician past my youth creates mixed feelings, both familiar and unfamiliar. I think this new album is above the previous albums in terms of the sound. Regarding emotional content, I feel like I caught my first album Daydream’s naïve enthusiasm a bit. I am not targeting a specific audience or looking for tangible commercial success, all I want is for people to be aware of the existence of this album, and to promote it as much as possible. I am aware that it is not in compliance with the current trends and main music industry dynamics, but I also know there are many people like me out there with a taste in indie music and/or who miss hearing music with body.” ~Barista~

Known to most as Barista, Bahdir Han Eryilmaz, is an artist to follow for sure. Based in Istanbul his music defies any one specific genre. His work is eclectic and fully immersed in a world filled with escapism and passionate expression.

His lyrics express true feelings of purpose and emotion in a way that is so compelling you will not stop listening until you’ve heard every song on in the collection. It’s a magical journey of perfect rock expression that you’ll want to blast through the airwaves as you cruise the boulevard.

Don’t forget to also check out Volume 1 and take a journey to the perfect rock world of Barista. You’ll want all five volumes for sure.

Artists performing on the album are Simon Phillips on drums, Jesse Seibenberg on keys and guitars, Han Eryilmaz on percussion, keys, and backup vocals, and Brian Duffy with vocals. Han Eryilmaz also produced this album on Monoplay Records. This collection presents in the gener’s of alternative rock, classic rock, and progressive rock. This collection so vast it will be released in 5 volumes.

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Youtube Channel: Barista Beat
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