Soulful and Inviting Luca Bash with Keys Of Mine Album Review

This is the first major release for Josh since his amazing project in 2015 of four acoustic EP’s. His work has received huge reviews and he continues to impress his fans. His inviting and appealing accent lends an air of sensuality to his music and it sets the tone for each and every song.

He launched his musical quest in the early 90’s when he began his studies in music as a classical violinist. Then on the spur of the moment in 1994 he changed his stringed instrument to a guitar and though he was still struggling and searching for his courage to write he did in 1999. Since that time he has penned some truly heartfelt and touching songs. While attending the University of Music in Rome and developing his talents in the creative side of music he also studied various forms of art.

During the three years he attended the college he created some outstanding work and penned 13 songs, one of which would gain him his first recognition, “Dear John.” During a performance to a crowd of 1000 people during an exhibition he states: “…Before the final part of ‘Dear John,’ I make a pause after a B7, followed by a G. When I reached that point of the song, the crowd was quiet and the silence was incredible. But a young female voice (I didn’t see her face because of the stage lights in front of my eyes) screamed aloud ‘bravo!’ and, despite the fact that I was playing, I heard her. I still remember the shivers. I was unknown, playing a song unknown as well, but able to give emotions. This is the reason why I still compose. For that young girl. “ ~ Luca Bash~

“Fair White Lies” begins gently and slowly but builds at the end and the last note is gently held out making the end epic. The lyrics seem heartfelt and touching. What I love about all of Bash’s songs are that they penetrate deeply into our psyche and touch the raw emotional feelings that we all have when in love, in life, in us. He reaches much deeper with his music than just the surface of a note or a rhythm, he reaches the heart of what music is really about.

Another favorite is “Beyond the Screen” again a smooth grooving blues tune. It’s inviting and there’s no way you can sit still with this one. The sax just adds to the depth. It’s bright and “hot” through and through. The guitar brings in even more depth and holds you firmly in to the breath of the song. Outstanding.

Take a listen here and you can enjoy even more of Luca’s music here at SoundCloud:

Reviews for Bash’s music are not shy. Industry professionals are sitting up and paying attention to the sounds and lyrics of this outstanding artist.

“Bash is a trailblazer” – Examiner

If your looking for something to share with friends and create an atmosphere filled with a wave-less groove and melody you’ll enjoy “The Sun’s Everlasting Smile.” It begins with again with the amazing sounds of the sax. The soft melody and warm inviting lyrics will once again draw you in. All the songs on this collection have a ebbs and flows of smooth jazz, soothing blues, and then build with cool soft rock tones and stages.

“Destined to take the current state of folk music and raise the bar” – Verbal Slaps

“Beyond the Screen” is absolutely rich with groove and motion. I loved the sweet mix of bass and keys, the percussion movement is divine. I must say, I’m addicted to his accent.

“Undeniably compelling” – Vents Magazine

Introducing the artists on this collection: Luca Bash, singer/songwriter, guitar. Alessandro Cioffi on drums and Alessandro Matilli on keyboards. Putting a little more glue into the mix is Riccardo Ascani on bassand Giova Pes on lead guitar. We can’t leave out Duilio Ingrosso with some jazzing sax. Luca and the band would place in the genre’s of Jam Pop, Funk, Soft Rock, and Fusion. Reviews have likened them to artists Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Damien Rice, Ben Harper, and John Mayer.

Please enjoy the following to video link:

~ “This need to make music evolved into arranging and mastering a new LP with my friends and musicians, spread out among Europe. This wish becomes real in “Keys of Mine” LP, self-produced in 2017, dedicated to the friends that enhance my art.” ~Luca Bash ~

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