Folk Rock Artist Wise John Releases “A Wonderful World”

Nashville TN is the scene for all things music. This phenomenal city even has it’s own psychedelic alliance to bands of the psychedelic genre. Today we feature another phenomanal artist who’s interest match the scene here in Nashville. He’s a mellow blend of Jazz, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock and dream pop.

Wise John explains:

I wrote most of A Wonderful World while I was living in Orange County, CA, during the summer of 2020. In addition to the gloomy state of the mid-pandemic world, I’d been facing my own personal apocalypse–I’d become bedridden for months with a flare-up of chronic illness at the end of 2019, knocked out my front teeth, been dumped by my partner, and moved home with my parents in general disrepair. My life’s plans had fallen through, and I was facing a total lack of direction and purpose. Stoked!

This album is my sometimes-fiery, sometimes-sweet response to the state of the world and my life at the time. Ultimately, the album’s core is this question: How does it feel to see the end-times coming, while everyone around you ignores it?
~Wise John~

There is an old saying that sometimes it is during the hardest of times that we find our true strength. For this artist it was his battle with a chronic illness and loss of a special relationship, all during a horrible pandemic.

“Let Me Dance” is colorful from the expressionistic opening. I could see this being performed on the Broadway stage of New York. I loved the harmonies and the fresh contemporary style.

Inspired by legends like John Lennon and David Bowie the album is superb and will stir emotions of humor, sadness and a soothing calm. John is a passionate lyricist and songwriter, drawing upon true life experiences, fantasy, and worldly events.

“Pretending To Sleep” is fun and expressive from the first note. It’s an up beat jazzy song with strong vocals and rock steady instrumentation. I love the easy flow and the groove. It pulls you in, your head starts to move, your feet start move. It’s fresh and all original. Reminds me of a young Billy Joel.

Press quote:

A downer of a background begets a wonderfully eclectic collection of songs, sometimes even stilting towards the positive in their disposition ~ For Folk’s Sake~

Wise John recently released his album called “A Wonderful World” on most digital platforms and was produced by Alex Strahle and Adela Pfaff.

Musicians performing on this album are Wise John on keyboard and lead vocals. Alex Strahle on guitars, bass and background vocals. Shaun Valentine on drums and percussion, Noah Sierota with bass. Additional bass tracks provided by Justin Nichols, background vocals by Dani Silva and Adela Pfaff. Tom Stahle with lead guitar solo and Micaela Ines with rhodes.

Press quote:

Wise John is one of those piano guys or men (who mentioned Billy Joel?) who like a more intricate composition with a bit of a theatrical arrangement. Forget Joel (well, maybe not completely), and think more of Harry Nilsson and another forgotten ace, David Ackles. Add there the arrangement ‘theatrics’ of Todd Rundgren, and you’ll get the picture in which direction John’s ‘wisdom’ goes here. ~Echoesand

The entire collection gives the listener an opportunity to travel through time, through genres and panoramic vision of various styles that blend so well together you would think it was truly meant to be that way. Superb. Original. A winner.

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