Highly Acclaimed New York Entertainer Suki Rae and Company Release New Album “Can’t Stop Now”

Released on the label Reverence for Life Records, which is Suki Raes own label and produced by Suki Rae, we present her seventh CD for your enjoyment.

I loved the easy and graceful flow of the first song. It’s like a breeze of fresh air. “Piece By Piece” is an outstanding song that encourages us to all support each other and “make our world a better place “piece by piece”….and the music is exceptional. The guitar rifts are bright, crisp and inviting.

I envision Suki’s music on various programs especially public access television and for educational programs that focus on elementary students, middle school and beyond. This lyrical and musical testimony of spiritual grace has a powerful message in each song. Not all the songs would fit into this area but that’s the good thing about it. Her songs are quite versatile.

For me it was as if I immediately took off on a grand spiritual quest to awaken with new found insight and a promise that tomorrow would be better and brighter. Each song is just that, a spiritual quest for a grander awakening to magical spiritual places.

Suki Rae is no novice when it comes to music and songwriting. Her career spans over 25 years of international touring and performing. A classically trained artist on flute and a master songwriter she fears no boundaries in where her music dares to journey. Her accomplishments and accolades are impressive.

Track two is an inspirational song with again a powerful message. “Can’t Stop Now” encourages us not to stop regardless of the obstacles we may face.

The music is feel good, nourishing to the soul and invigorating. It picks you up and brings about a smile and a warm feeling in the heart.

Track five is superb for meditation and visualization techniques. It is soft, soothing, and mesmerizing. The vocals are warm and the instrumentation is mellow, soft, and perfect for listening to during spiritual prayer meetings, weddings, rights of passage and sacred rights. Excellent.

“There’s Someone Watching Over You” is a bluesy soft rocking tune that I really enjoyed. It gets you up on your feet, gets you swaying with the bright electric guitar sounds and the lyrics are fined tuned perfectly for any occasion. The groove is hot and moving.

This collection will not be right for everyone. No two albums ever are. People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to coffee, tea, or music. But….for those who do relate and who are already on a spiritual quest or in the heightened state of their lives where they run free of societies drama and chaos….this lyrical and musical work will be just what their looking for.

Suki has included one song that I thought took the entire collection to an entirely different level. It took you out of your zen garden and placed you in a funny and quirky state of mind that will leave you with a perplexed expression on your face.

“Bugs In The Bed” is a hoot and for your enjoyment please check out the video link below:

Suki Rae and Company have a unique style and eclectically creative way of expressing what they feel with their music. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you might say they are an “acquired taste”, but, I can assure you that somewhere in the vast ocean of music lovers there are some who feel right at home with the style and the groove of their music. Vocally and instrumentally the group gives a superb performance and it’s nice to see artist uninhibited and moving above the norm when it comes to creativity and presentation. Well done.

Note: All media and photo’s courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

” Wholesome,enjoyable and uplifting…Suki Rae absolutely knocks it
out of the park- you’ll love every single song on her brand new
album,”Can’t Stop Now”…the writing is as sweet as the music- I
highly recommend this as an innovative and fresh patchwork of
creative musical art from a mature,eclectic and confident artist..”
Jacob Aiden -TunedLoud! Magazine

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