The Lovely Lucinda Belle With “I’ll Be Loving You”

Her path is one of mystery and change. She has traveled from the stages of the UK’s most prestigious classical concert venues performing as a child harpist with the National Children’s Orchestra, to becoming the “go to” singer and harpist in the world of jazz an pop.

Because she became so sought after she has earned the opportunity to perform with great artists such as Natalie Cole, Robbie Williams, Petshop Boys, Gregory Porter, and Annie Lennox.

Considered a child prodigy with the harp, it was thought that she would pursue a career in classical music. She chose instead to move toward a more progressive style of classical to jazz, blues to reggae, pop, hip-hop, and mixed those to create her personal sound and style.

This past October she released her EP titled “Urban Lullabies” it’s a great collection of covers that are all re-imagined in her own classy style. Classics from artists like John Mayer, Paolo Nutini, and even the iconic Nirvana.

“A beautiful yearning chanteuse…she is in fact unashamedly over-ground, bright, shiny, and accessible to all…” The Independent

When you first listen to her music you’ll be taken far away into a provocative world where sounds of blues, jazz, gypsy, soul, and reggae join together in a passionate union.

She has been described as a timeless rebel, unaffected and unafraid to confront boundaries of possibilities before her. There have been artists who are said to be like none other, I think Lucinda Belle has taken the number one spot in that area. Her music is unique and special to her and her alone.

Her work has garnered her an Oscar nomination for Best Song in 2015 with “Going Nowhere” in the film For No Good Reason, with Johnny Depp. Later she made a cameo appearance in “Sleep No More” the New York production and landed the role of ‘Dixie Darlin” with the Punch Drunk Theatre Company in the world-renowned play The Drowned Man.

“There are several million people out there who need entertaining and Lucinda Belle is just the woman for the job” The Guardian

I was taken in with the song, “I’ll Be Loving You.” Her voice takes me back in time to the days of the luxurious big bands and classy dressed ladies and gents in a huge ballroom, or maybe a small nightclub in downtown New York during the 40’s and early 50’s. It’s a time jump back in time but with a twist of modern jazz.

“I’ll Be Loving You”, Lucinda says ‘This song was the first song written on my forthcoming album Think Big : Like Me, I remember feeling so raw in my emotions at the time, that I was crying and laughing at my crying in between verses. It was the song that began the album, it represents the feeling of moving on..letting go – I wanted to write something with groove, depth and sentimentality.” ~Lucinda Belle~

Teaming up with London’s famous Toe Rag Studios Lucinda has made a huge step with this production in the public interest of vinyl and melomaniacs across the country.

“I wanted authenticity all the way, so I chose Toe Rag which meant I cut this song using an 8 track 50’s recording studio in two live takes. The warmth you feel on this recording isn’t digitally manufactured it’s from a 1950’s pre-amps, spring verbs and desk.” ~Lucinda Belle~

This album presents in the style of Jazz pop with a smooth blend of classic jazz. Lucinda could be likened to Amy Winehouse, Imelda May, Elle King, and Caro Emerald.

For more information on Lucinda Belle and her music please visit the following sites: All media and photographs are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.


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